Bundle: Blushield EMF Protection

2 Devices for Home/Work and Inbetween
Price: $449.00
  • EMF Protection to Maintain and Emotional Balance
  • Neutralize Effect of Cell Towers, Routers, Meters
  • Sleep Better and Have More Energy

2 Devices for Home/Work and Inbetween


$4.49 Cashback

EMF Protection - Plug In

  • Building Protection with the ULTRA model
  • Cube Protection for Office or Large Home
  • Neutralize Effect of Cell Towers, Routers, Meters

EMF Protection - Portable

  • EMF Protection - Create a Personal Bubble of Peace
  • Portable Devices When Away from Home Base
  • Neutralize Stress, Improve Sleep, Nerves, Moods
Home Portable

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2 Devices: Portable and Plug In2 Devices: Portable and Plug In


At Home and Work AND
When Inbetween Protected Zones

Stay Balanced and Protected

Reduce Fatigue, Sleep Better and Have More Energy

Bundle: Blushield EMF Protection
You can eliminate or reduce negative symptoms related to EMF exposure, such as fatigue, headaches, brain fog, emotions (mood swings).

Helps maintain better level of alertness – perfect for:

  • Travel (car, bus, train, air, boat).  Reduces travel sickness and fatigue (enables restful sleep while traveling).
  • Especially great for driving in electric vehicles, and travel by electric train.
  • Users of Wifi (cell phones, gamers, computer users).

Maintain balance and normalization of cellular functions.

Blushield technology is working at the cellular level, reducing biological and psychological stress of EMF exposure. It supports your health and vitality (your pets and plants too), amidst vast wireless radiation.

It’s very simple. When you plug-in or switch on a Blushield device, it emits a symphony of frequencies in the range of human responses. Your body then responds positively to the Blushield frequencies, rather than negatively to EMFs (phone, smart meter or Wifi). This is called a sympathetic resonance.

As a tuning fork resonates with another close to it, Blushield frequencies resonate with your body.

1. EMF Protection – Portable: Gold Series

Slip a Portable EMF (electromagnetic field) protection device into your pocket or purse (or plug into your car) to surround yourself with a healthy, intelligent field of coherent information, that helps you maintain your physical health and emotional balance when living, working or traveling in high EMF environments.

2. EMF Protection – Plug In: Gold Series

Recommended for many homes and small offices where exposure to EMF is moderate to high.

Protection to date from general EMF, Wi-Fi,  radio frequencies, radiation, routers and cell phone towers.

Plug into a central location. Uses very little power. One Plugin per floor.

Offers protection for your home or office.

Coverage 45 m (147 ft) in every direction.

1. EMF Protection – Portable: Gold Series

  • Signal strength 2 x, 6 m range
  • Size 80 mm x 50 mm x 8 mm
  • Weight White ABS 30 g, Grey Alloy 65 g

2. EMF Protection – Plug In: Gold Series

  • Signal strength 4 x, 45 m range
  • Black and White ABS case
  • Size 90 mm x 30 mm x 40 mm
  • Weight 75 g
  • Easy to install comes in 4 plug types

Some users do not experience detoxification effects, but some have mild symptoms – not dangerous and may only last a few days. Drink plenty of pure water during this time. Once adjusted, your body will no longer detoxify with this technology.

Please be aware that Blushield technology is subtle and gentle. Although many people claim they feel better immediately, the benefits are more often cumulative and felt over time.

1. EMF Protection – Portable: Gold Series

Warning about leaving Batteries in the sun…
This can reduce the battery life. Instead of placing in direct sunlight, leave it in your pocket or in the glove compartment of your car. Once hot the battery life expectancy will drop quite considerably.

The warranty does not cover water damage or damaged power buttons from being dropped.

These devices are not water resistant.

2. EMF Protection – Plug In: Gold Series

Plug-in into a dedicated outlet in the center of your home or office.

Every 30 seconds, each device emits a flashing light. The light is integral to the operation of the device, as the scalar field is generated using pure crystal photonics (light).

Will penetrate normal floors and walls.

Since the Ultra: Premium emits additional waveforms compared to the regular Ultra (faster recovery from high levels of EMF, in direct line of sight of a 5G repeater), this device emits a solid red light, rather than the every-half-minute flashing light, like the other devices. This indicates that one of the sets of waveforms emitted is constant, instead of intermittent, and shows that your device is working properly.

Please Note:
The plug may not go all the way into the socket – this is normal and will not affect performance or function. Forcing plug into socket may cause damage and is not covered under warranty.

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Proof: Blushield EMF Protection Works

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