pH Paper Dispenser

Test Your pH in 0.2 Accuracy
Price: $10.00
  • Test Your pH - saliva and urine - to monitor your progress
  • Determine Your Acid-Alkaline Balance and Manage Your Health
  • High accuracy, half-point increment

Test Your pH in 0.2 Accuracy


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Test Your pH in 0.2 AccuracyTest Your pH in 0.2 Accuracy

Is your pH Balanced?

Testing the pH of your saliva or urine.

Dispenser roll is 15 yards and is calibrated for human testing, with range of 5.5 to 8.0 pH in high-accuracy 0.5 increments.

Directions for Use

Pull a piece off the roll, wet with your saliva, and check against the color chart on the box. Easy.

Recommended Use

pH Paper Roll to determine your body’s pH balance.

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