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eBook: The 24Seven Health Plan

Easy, Natural Method
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  • Easy to Follow - Based on Years of Direct Health Experience
  • 10 Point Plan to Maximize Your Health and Beauty Potential
  • Loads of detail - to quench your curiosity WHY people get sick

Easy, Natural Method


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eBook: The 24Seven Health Plan by Christopher Pick

An easy to follow, natural method for health. Based on years of direct clinical experience and laboratory screening data, on over 800 individuals.

“The 24Seven Health Plan book has been a solitary and irregular labour of love. I have enjoyed the writing of it immensely (most of the time)! While working, I have always kept in mind that life and health are extremely precious gifts. Those who become professionally involved by virtue of their work must do so with extreme care and the highest principles. I strive to attain these ideals. If this book can play a small part in helping you to live a long and healthy life, then it will have fulfilled my objective.”

The full e-book has 135 pages that are packed with information, culminating with an easy to follow 10 point plan to ensure that you maximise your health & beauty potential.

Christopher Pick ND is a Naturopath and Healer. He is trained in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Health, & Lymphatic Irrigation Therapy. He is in private practice and works as a senior consultant for health-related companies in the U.K. and the USA. His work covers many aspects of the health industry including, lecturing to many professional healthcare groups, associations & colleges, and a public audience, product formulation, clinical research, scripting and appearing in health related videos, live radio phone-ins, health related audio tape production and the writing of health information booklets of which over 500,000 are in circulation.

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Maximize your health & beauty potential with 10 easy point to follow. Based on years of direct health experience.

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