Thymus and Pineal Gland SupportThymus and Pineal Gland Support


Thymus and Pineal Gland Support
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  • Maintain Thymus and Pineal Gland Health
  • Boost Immunity
  • Spiritual Endeavours Enhanced

Thymus and Pineal Gland Support


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Thymus and Pineal Gland Support

Spiritual Enhancement Supplement

Thymulin: Fourth Chakra and Thymus Gland Health Support

  • Spiritually, your thymus gland is associated with the fourth chakra – compassion and love.
  • Physically, the thymus gland is associated with immune function.
  • Vaccinations can damage your thymus gland.

Supplemental thymus peptides (thymulin) can support a stronger immune system, and enhance your spiritual endeavours.

Epitalon: Third Eye (spiritual) and Pineal Gland Health Support

  • Physically, the pineal gland regulates melatonin production and your sleep quality.
  • Spiritually, your pineal gland is called the Third Eye and is associated with connecting to the Divine.
  • Fluoride and bromide can damage your pineal gland.

Supplementary pineal peptides (epitalon) can support restful sleep patterns, and easier access to higher states of consciousness.

Healthy Thymus and Pineal Glands Enhance Meditation

  • Satori is a subtle aid to accessing the spiritual realm.
  • Experience divine guidance and compassion.
  • Tune into higher consciousness – to your higher self.

Vaccines and fluoridation damage your thymus and pineal glands.

Oxytocin: Feel Good Nourishment

Generated in your brain, Oxytocin is a hormone that supports:

  • Sense of peace and love
  • Trust and bonding
  • Compassion and forgiveness
  • Confidence and deeper connection to others (social bonding)
  • Reproduction, childbirth and after birth.

Supplementing with oxytocin may help:

  • Move through grief or addiction
  • Opening yourself to inner growth
  • Improve interpersonal communication.

Anti Aging and Anti Stress

Satori helps suppress cortisol (stress hormone) and is a powerful antioxidant.

Proprietary blend of oxytocin, thymulin, epitalon, msm and salt.

Directions for Use

It is best taken before meditation or when you can be in nature.

Remove capsule from bottle and carefully open, then empty powder back into bottle and fill to neck with good water, preferably Energized Water.

Shake well.

If refrigerated, Satori will last 12 months in a dry state, or 3 months once reconstituted in water.

Recommended Use

For both physical and spiritual enhancement, by supporting your thymus and pineal glands (in your brain).

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