Air Quality and Humidifiers

Water and air are the source of all life on this planet; without them we would not exist. Waters very molecular composition is catered to supporting the lives of human beings, plants, and animals. Having clean water and pure air in our bodies can help us flush out toxins and ultimately provide us with good health. The more often we drink Precious Prill water, for example, the better ability our cells have to bring the vital hydration we need to our organs and blood stream. A build-up of toxins and lack of moisture in our bodies can lead to slow digestion, poor immunity, headaches, respiratory ailments, allergies, and overall sluggishness. Two products that can help are Precious Prills and an air purifying system equipped with Aprilaire.

Precious Prills (also referred to as Twilight Prills or Prill Beads) are the solution to better water. These small beads made water as pure as the morning dew and its life-giving properties are unmistakable. Not only can Precious Prills help restore our planets naturally-occurring bodies of water such as lakes and oceans, but it has the same remarkable effect on our bodies. Common tap water is thinned and the results are a silky-smooth, ultra-moisturizing liquid. Not only is this new water better for our bodies, it is more quickly absorbed by our skin and internal cells, thus hydrating us more effectively.

Proper hydration, with the use of Twilight Prills in your water, will greatly enhance the “inflation” of your body’s cells. According to experts, cells that do not retain optimal levels of moisture can be prone to absorbing toxins and being more vulnerable to illnesses. It would seem that the proper hydration of the cells in our bodies is essential to a healthy immune system, thus granting us extended life by boosting our body’s own immune powers. The benefits of Precious Prill water don’t end there; our planet desperately needs to be enhanced by these pearls. When the Twilight Laundry Appliance and Shower Converter send your used water down the drain, the end result will be a healthier Earth!

Next, pure air in our lungs is another way to cleanse our bodies and strengthen our immune systems. Since our lungs are one of the ways our body rids itself of toxins and waste, having purified and filtered air is the best way to help our lungs do their job! Purification systems such as the Aprilaire dehumidifier (and systems that use the Aprilaire humidifier parts) can be installed in the home with healing results. For those suffering from Reactive Airway Disease, asthma, and allergies, the difference in before and after is like night and day. These systems provide the other half of the equation when trying to promote a healthy body. Bringing clean water and air into your life will both rejuvenate your body and heal it. Precious Prills, Twilight Prills, the Twilight Laundry Appliance and Shower Converter can make common water into a remarkable substance that heals our bodies and our planet. Equally beneficial, an air purifier system with Aprilaire parts can help you breathe better air and give you a healthier life.

Author: Life Enthusiast