ASEA Reactive Molecules

We have been taught that antioxidants are the answer to maintaining health and fighting aging. They are very important, but what many of us dont know is that antioxidants, by themselves, are incapable of fighting free radicals without the help of certain reactive molecules. These reactive molecules are basic and fundamental to the immune system and healing process and are needed to turn on the antioxidants that protect us from free radicals and aging. Our body needs to maintain a proper chemical balance of these reactive molecules to protect us and sustain our health.

There are two perfectly balanced sets of reactive molecules in ASEA, the same mixture that is produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell in our body along with the ATP that fuels our cells and body. One set of these molecules is responsible for activating antioxidants, without these molecules the antioxidants could never fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. The second set of reactive molecules participates in intra- and inter-cellular damage control communications, cellular protection and in the healing response.

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It has only been recently that scientists have discovered the importance of these reactive molecules in our body, and up to now have not been able to produce stable mixtures of these molecules outside the body. ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of these reactive molecules that exists outside the body and can be used to help maintain proper balance inside the body to support the immune system and healing process. When these reactive molecules are in the proper balance, the immune system and healing process function at their optimal level.

ASEA is based on more than 16 years of research, making it a safe and natural way to help your body function as it should.

Research has shown that the components in ASEA:

  • Are native to the body and consistent with its natural chemical balance.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the bodys most important natural antioxidants by over 500%.
  • Support immune system functions that reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage.
  • Accelerate the body production of its own natural antioxidants like Glutathione, SOD and Catalase.

ASEA is the only product that delivers the balanced foundation that every person must have to allow their body and immune system to function at its optimal level.

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ASEA is an immune boosting molecular complex consisting of reactive molecules, all native to the human body and naturally balanced. These molecules include a perfect balance of antioxidant enhancers that are balanced to support the immune system, detoxify the body and protect and fortify healthy tissue. Reactive molecules are either active electron acceptors (prone to take on electrons) or electron donors (prone to give up electrons). When these two classes of molecules are chemically balanced in our body, our immune systems can function at its optimal level. There are two major roles for these reactive molecules in the body. First, they pair up with the natural antioxidants already in our body to help detoxify and fortify healthy tissue. Secondly, they supply the raw materials that the immune system needs in order to perform its natural function to detect and destroy harmful invaders and damaged cells.

ASEA has been proven to be entirely non-toxic at any reasonable dose. It can be taken orally, applied topically or inhaled without causing irritation. The recommended maintenance amount is 4 oz. per day for adults. ASEA is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Consult with a physician if you are sensitive to salt intake. ASEA is a natural disinfectant and antimicrobial and yet is soothing to the touch. ASEA can be used in a spray bottle for use on scrapes, burns and abrasions and can be liberally sprayed on the skin and will not cause irritation. ASEA contains a very small amount of chlorine. If you are allergic to chlorine, it is not recommended for use on the face. As always, consult a physician if there are any concerns. Testing has shown ASEA to be entirely safe and non-toxic no matter how it is consumed or applied. It has shown literally zero endotoxicity, cytotoxicity, and genotoxicity (mutagenic properties) in all 16 years of studies that were performed. Consult with a physician if you are sensitive to salt intake.

The reactive molecules contained in ASEA are being studied world-wide by an ever-growing group of scientists. These reactive molecules have been shown to play a fundamental role in basic body functions, specifically those native to the immune system. Specific expected benefits include: arming the native antioxidants in the body in their fight against stray toxins and oxidants, increasing the nascent oxygen production in the cells, reducing oxidative stress, better efficiency of the immune system mechanisms and then there is the direct disinfectant action for topical applications. Some search words would be “antioxidants” and “oxidative stress. ASEA is not alkaline water. ASEA is specifically formulated to be a stable form of the native reactive molecules produced by the mitochondria inside every cell in your body. It requires an ultrapure water and sodium chloride solution that undergoes a complex multi-step electrochemical process that requires three or more days in the making.

It is much more than a simple electrolysis process; complex chemistry and physics is involved in the production process with tightly controlled production parameters (temperature, concentration, flow, etc.). This specific stable mixture is designed to safely and effectively support the immune system and healing functions. In contrast, most alkaline waters on the market are produced by hooking up ordinary tap water to an electrolysis chamber that filters the water and separates it into its alkaline and acidic components. The Alkaline water comes out one side and is generally unstable over time. The acidic water comes out the other side and is generally dangerous to ingest, but can be used as a cleaning solution. Although there may be some characteristics in common with the action of alkaline water and ASEA in the body (as ASEA contains most of the components that could be found in alkaline water), they are two distinct and separate products designed for distinct and separate purposes.

Author: Life Enthusiast