How to Oxygenate Your Cells

There are multiple ways to oxygenate your cells. One of them is learning better breathing techniques, another is breathing concentrated oxygen from bottles or concentrators. It is also possible to increase the available oxygen through supplements. You need Oxygen to release stored energy in proteins, fats and starches and turn it into thoughts or movement. Oxygen is needed to power your muscles, your brain, and your organs. Oxygen will also help your immune system to kill viruses, burn bacteria, singe yeast, and even to dissolve cancerous cells.

When the oxygen level in your tissues and in your body fluids drops, it creates the opportunity for illness to set in. Disease states are anaerobic. Pathogens can exist only in the absence of oxygen. When the level of oxygen drops by 35 percent, the cells switch from respiration to fermentation and become cancerous. Cancer cells die in the strong presence of oxygen (and iodine)! We offer you several ways how to oxygenate your cells more effectively with mineral supplements that not only help you oxygenate, they also help you detoxify at the same time.

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Author: Life Enthusiast