OH Mist

Sanitize Virus, Bacteria and Fungi
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  • Sanitizer for Hands, Face and Masks
  • Use As Often As Needed
  • No Rinse Required

Sanitize Virus, Bacteria and Fungi


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OHmist Refresher, Cleansing and Sanitizing Spray 2 fl. oz.OHmist Refresher, Cleansing and Sanitizing Spray 2 fl. oz.


OH Mist uses emerging technology to kill biological pollutants, natural and man-made toxic byproducts.

Extremely effective against all waterborne and airborne contaminants.

Safe to spray on all face masks. It will not affect impermeable coatings.

Use OH Mist On Hands and Masks:

  • Sanitize and reduce up to 99.9% of germs
  • Safe to apply onto a mask while wearing
  • Effective barrier against all germs
  • Neutralize allergens and airborne contaminants
  • Inactivate virus
  • Eliminate bacteria and fungi
  • Reduce face breakout and rashes caused by prolonged mask use.

OH Mist can be applied on high-touch surfaces.

Safe on contact with food items.

OH Mist is a complex stabilized water-based formula that delivers abundant energized oxygen molecules in the form of hydroxyl radicals [OH•], the most potent oxidant in nature that can be formed from the reaction of oxygen and water. The manufacturing process of hydroxyl radical mimics what takes place in the atmosphere when sunlight initiates a photochemical reaction with the oxygen in the air and the water molecules from humidity, creating the hydroxyl radical. It is often referred to as “Nature’s Detergent” because it reacts with many chemical pollutants, decomposing them to harmless elemental form. It also has an essential role in inactivating pathogenic viruses, killing bacteria, neutralizing allergens like pollens, mold spores, and breaking down chemical toxins found in the environment. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroxyl_radical)

Our metabolism produces hydroxyl radicals as an immune reaction when invaded by specific pathogens. Its destructive action is damaging to micro-organisms.

The hydroxyl radical molecule is breathable. Although very reactive, it is also very short-lived, and in the absence of contaminants, it will quickly decompose into bio-absorbable oxygen and water.

Effects on pathogens Hydroxyl radicals attack essential cell components and are lethal to pathogenic viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in air, liquid, and wet environments. On viruses, they disrupt the lipid envelope or surrounding capsid and thus causing lysis and destruction of their genetic material. On bacteria, they penetrate the outer cell wall and oxidize the membrane that supports essential vital processes.

Effects on allergens Hydroxyl radicals alter their binding capacity and oxidize their protein structures, creating a newly modified allergen structure no longer recognized by the immune system.

Use as a sanitizer Hydroxyl radicals have a leading role as the primary oxidizing agent in a process known as “Advanced Oxidation”, an emerging technology for the complete destruction of biological pollutants and natural and man-made toxic byproducts. Because hydroxyl radicals are a hydrolyzed oxygen metabolite, they are very effective against all waterborne contaminants and airborne contaminants when used aerosolized, vaporized, and with wetness and humidity.

Hydroxyl Radicals (OH+ Ros in UPW ORP 750mV to 850mV), Hydrogen Peroxide (0.6%), sodium oxychloride (0.1%), Chlorine Dioxide (0.1%).

Directions for Use

Spray as often as desired. No post-rinse needed.

Spray both sides of face masks to sanitize and neutralize odors embedded on the material.

While wearing mask, close eyes and spray outside of mask to freshen up re-breathed air

Recommended Use

Sanitizes your hands, face and masks. Kills virus, bacteria and fungi. biological pollutants, natural and man-made toxic byproducts.

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