Burbur Detox Therapy

In our modern world detoxification is a very important issue. Scientists have always assumed that the fetus was protected from damage by the placenta filtering out toxic chemicals and pollutants. Ten babies born in US hospitals in August and September 2004 had their cord blood studied for chemicals and pollutants. The average infant had 200[1] industrial chemicals and pollutants. A total of 287 chemicals were identified including pesticides, consumer product ingredients and waste substances from burning coal, gasoline and garbage. 180 of the 287 chemicals are known to cause cancer in animals or humans. Animal testing has revealed that 208 of these identified substances cause birth defects or abnormal development. 217 of the chemicals that were found are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous system.

In 2003 nine adult volunteers gave urine and blood samples that were studied for 211 possible contaminants. These 9 subjects averaged 56 toxins per person. 167 of the 211 substances were found in at least one person. An example of how serious the human toxicity problem has become is provided by sterility information. Sperm specimens in 1938 revealed that only one half of one percent of males were sterile. Current sperm testing discloses that between 9 and 12 percent of males are sterile. Eight percent of women are currently known to have fertility problems. In our very toxic world middle aged persons have nearly universally acquired occult infections and large quantities of toxic metals. Both these problems are believed to be important contributors to the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and cancer.

Burbur is an extract produced from the leaves of the Desmodium Molliculum, a perennial plant found in Peru. Nutramedix, the US, producer of Burbur, uses a proprietary extraction and enhancement technology, that makes this a more effective therapy than conventional Desmodium Molliculum. Toxicology studies were performed in May 2005 on Nutramedix’s Burbur product at the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador. No toxic effects were reported even when laboratory rodents were given 120,000 times the equivalent human dose. The German commission E reports that no known contraindications, side effects or interactions with drugs have been discovered in the herb Desmodium Molliculum. Burbur has been traditionally used for its cleansing properties.

It is quite effective in detoxifying the liver, kidneys lymphatic tissue and the interstitial matrix. Burbur has diuretic properties and also has beneficial effects on the Cytochrome P450 liver detoxifying system. The removal of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals is facilitated by Burbur. Many health care professionals have reported that Burbur has become an effective replacement for up to 6 detoxifying remedies. Frequently a patient suffering a healing crisis (Herxheimer’s reaction) can immediately recover or be greatly relieved by beginning therapy with Burbur. The herb found in burbur also is effective in asthma, killing microbes, preventing inflammation, killing tumor cells, fighting viral and parasitic infections, removing excessive fluids, helping the immune system, improving digestion, preventing allergic reactions, sedating and protecting the liver.

All persons with malignancies can be presumed to have excessive amounts of toxic substances in their bodies. Removal of these substances will improve these patients chance of recovery. There is also strong evidence that occult infections play a role in initiating malignancies (Royal Rife, Hulda Clark etc.). Combined with the potent antimicrobial substances Samento, Noni concentrate and Cumanda (a very potent antifungal substance) Burbur has proven to be very valuable in treating malignancies.

Dr. Alan Baklayan of Munich, Germany has visualized in dark field examinations microbes thought to be borrelia burgdorfi [2] spirochetes in all the cancer cases he studied. Samento has proven to be quite effective in treating borrelia infections. Because of the toxic dangerous substances we all have in our bodies I think that use of Burbur either on a daily basis or for several months each year is a sensible approach that has the potential of warding off and preventing serious health problems from developing. Certainly our bodies will function better with lesser amounts of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

1. EWG.org study of infants
2. Cowden, Lee M.D. personal communication

Author: Life Enthusiast