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Iridesca and PhytoNutrients

Iridesca and PhytoNutrients

Iridesca and PhytoNutrients

“Phytonutrients” is a fancy word for nutrients from plants. Use Them To Create A New Quality Of Life!

Exsula Iridesca is unique among Superfood blends. It provides a full spectrum of enzyme-supporting phytonutrients, 100% plant-life-created vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids. Plus an entire array of all 3 categories of plant-enzymes (antioxidant, metabolic & digestive). Iridesca contains a whole host of phytonutrient Superfood ingredients that support youthfulness, vitality, oxygen transport and general nutrition, for a more energetic and attractive lifestyle and body. Nearly every one of Iridesca’s hundreds of ingredients and nutrients has some function for either burning fat, building muscle, enhancing shape or satisfaction of appetite.

Phytonutrients – The “Weight Loss” Breakthrough

Iridesca is the perfect, natural, healthy, gradual, maintainable, stimulant-free, super-synergist, fat-loss alternative! Now that two of the most popular prescription weight loss drugs have been pulled from the market, millions of people are desperately seeking alternatives. These drugs were recalled because they were shown to damage heart valves in one-third of healthy people taking them. Iridesca is a gold-mine of phytonutrient weight loss alternatives. Nearly half of the adult population has an urgent need for these fat-moderating resources.

Remember, when someone says “weight loss” they actually mean “I want to look fit!” Muscle is heavier than fat, but muscle is what provides shapeliness, and it is muscle that burns most fat. At my last physical, the nurse operating the scale underestimated my weight by 30-some pounds. Finally, I asked if I could operate the scale and slid the balance weight to my true weight. She thought her scale was broken. Minerals are heavy. So remember, keep your focus on building muscle, defining shape and losing fat – not merely on scale weight. If you could achieve the shape and trimness you desired, would your scale weight really matter?

Some of the ingredients in Iridesca are so powerful they sell successfully as stand-alone weight-loss products. Three of the most popular and effective of these are the mineral Chromium and the phytonutrients Inulin and Citrimax (hydroxycitric acid) extracted from Tamarind Fruit. Iridesca also employs Cardiovascular resource nutrients like Coenzyme Q10, Saffron, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, Siberian Ginseng, Garlic, Vitamins A-&E, Niacin, Vitamin C, Pycnogenols and Bioflavonoids, plus key minerals like Chromium, as well as the Essential Fatty Acids GLA and Omega 3. This team in Iridesca makes a cardiovascular difference you can feel – NOW and well into the FUTURE!

Phytonutrients – Your Heart’s Best Friends

Forty percent of heart attacks occur to people who have perfectly healthy cholesterol levels. Many of these people are otherwise healthy young people. Until recently, these hundreds of deaths per day were somewhat of a shocking mystery to doctors. Now it is known that there is a major cause other than cholesterol. The culprit is called homocysteine. Cystine is a protein readily available in your diet. It is essential for metabolism and structure. Three B-vitamins work in concert to keep the homocysteine form of it in balance. Otherwise, it acts to thicken the walls of blood vessels until they are too narrow to supply sufficient blood for the ever-laboring heart muscles.

Homocysteine also makes blood platelets stickier and more likely to clump together and clog capillaries. These over-thickened walls and reduced flow can’t be good for supplying oxygen and nutrients to other cells of your body either. Consider your brain’s extraordinary needs and those of vessels in your legs, for example. Here it should also be noted that cancer thrives in low-oxygen and nutrient-deprived tissue. Anyone below optimum levels of the key homocysteine moderators will experience some excessive thickening of vessel walls, and some declines in overall well-being and performance.

When you think about the profound overall impact this has, you must wonder how many of the aches and pains blamed on old age are actually the result of sub-optimum levels of the balancing B vitamins. The overly-thickened vessel walls and proportional decreases in delivery of essential oxygen and nutrients can conspire to create many of these aging symptoms. In a young person they may simply register as fatigue or a lack of drive. The “magic” nutrition combo doctors and scientist are now recognizing is so simple. Here it is: Folic Acid, B-6 and B-12. And, they are emphasizing how important it is to get these nutrients in a dietary form such as fruits, or vegetables as in Iridesca – where the phytonutrient form is ideal with all supporting factors present.

It takes plentiful amounts of these 3 nutrients working synergistically to give your body the nutritional support it needs to “dissolve” balancing, like your body does with lecithin and the dissolving of cholesterol. Yes, you could probably take these nutrients as separate bottles of supplements and get results. Or you could simply realize that Iridesca already contains generous amounts of all three, plus lecithin. With the announcement of these new findings, those of you who have already been taking Exsula should find some rewarding comfort for your wise investment. In Iridesca each of the key nutrients is provided in a genuinely natural, life-created, phytonutrient form. And these are only the tip of the iceberg in Iridesca’s overall phytonutrient cardiovascular strategy!


Virtually every ingredient and nutrient in Iridesca has some function for either burning fat, building muscle, enhancing shape or for satisfaction of appetite. Here are some of the more important ones:

GTF Chromium

All of Iridesca’s Chromium is in the life-created TM phytonutrient form. This means it is in the ready-to-use Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) configuration with other nutrients essential for its actual utilization. Chromium is effective for helping people increase energy, moderate blood sugar, alleviate cravings and reduce fat – while also increasing muscle.


The word Inulin sounds a bit like insulin because they are related chemically. Inulin is a fiber-like carbohydrate found in small amounts in many foods. Chicory and Dahlia Flower Bulbs are especially rich sources. Inulin supports a leveling of extreme peaks and valleys of blood sugar levels. These are key triggers of hunger (and also foul moods). Similar carbohydrates in Spirulina account for its appetite-reducing reputation.


Coenzyme Q-10 releases more energy by helping to ignite overstocked calories. It is a chromium synergist that switches on the “brown fat” cells on the back of the neck and upper spine. These cells are responsible for burning off excessive calories as heat. They burn hot in most teenagers, but begin to “foul their plugs” as one grows older. The Coenzyme Q-10/Chromium team turbo-charges these fat-burners with the nutrients they need.


Lecithin (though itself a fat with notable calories) is essential for transforming solidified, stored fat into solution with water so it can be converted into energy. With lecithin, unsightly fat can be moved from where it isn’t wanted to where it is needed for natural stimulant-free energy. A few calories of lecithin help your body process several times that many calories of unwanted fat. As a plus, lecithin immediately starts moving fat from accumulation zones to areas where it is more attractive and evenly distributed.

Powerful Synergists

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful fat-loss synergists. Its form and combination in Iridesca is astoundingly powerful. Vitamin C is best taken every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day for maximum fat-loss effect.

TFA – TransFerulic Acid

When white rice is processed, the outer membrane of the kernel is discarded. This membrane is a source of a super-antioxidant called Trans Ferulic Acid, or TFA for short. Nature uses TFA to protect the rice kernel so it will sprout. Your body can also use TFA to support youthful hormone production (like DHEA), which results in improved muscle building and fat-burning at a more vigorous rate like when you were a teen.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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