Martin tells a true story of a house that was for sale in Georgia, but not selling – no showings – no interest.  So the owners sprayed this house with Aura Infusions.  Four days later they had a showing and six days later, the house was sold – just like that!

The way this happens is this… we are NOT physical beings having a spiritual experience – we ARE spiritual beings, having a physical experience.  The body is the vehicle for Soul, to mold your reality.

Aromatherapy to infuse your aura and change your life. Emotional clearing and repair of energy fields to balance your consciousness.

Aura Infusions products are made for specific purpose, and each has a targeted outcome.

Here is a tool that lets you shift your reality easily and effortlessly.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • reduced stress level
  • feeling centered
  • opening your heart to joy
  • expanding your consciousness.

But that’s just the immediate feeling. Your results will demonstrate the impact of these shifts upon your whole existence, your ability to attract peace, love, harmony, joy, abundance, safety and wealth into your reality.

Life Enthusiast podcast 153 – Aura Infusions, aromatherapy

Author: Martin Pytela