The purest quality of Humic and Fulvic concentrates available from ancient organic soil – nutrients and minerals that are essential for human health. Nature’s most broad spectrum Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti-carcinogenic and Antiviral. Burns fat, builds muscle and promotes growth and renewal of cells. Immune boosting and hormone balancing.

Nothing has been added or taken away, to supply you with the perfect food, for challenging times. All products are in sacred geometry, divinely prepared to bring you to alignment with all that is whole and good.

Meet Joshua Flint, the founder of HumaLife, the company that produces the most concentrated products in this class.

Fulvic Acid has some amazing external benefits as well as taken internally…

  • Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Transports nutrients into cells
  • Powerful natural electrolyte
  • Increases bio availability of nutrients and minerals
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood
  • Regenerates and hydrates cells
  • It acts as a wide spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide
  • Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak
  • It removes discoloration due to skin bruises
  • Helps to treat open wounds, cuts and abrasions
  • Kills pathogens responsible for athletes foot
  • It helps to treat rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites
  • Heal burns with minimum pain or scarring

Elixir of Love ~ Realign Your Divine

Divine Vine is a synergistic blend of Life Crystals and Fulvic Acid Concentrate, producing a high frequency, high energy formula.

Realign your DNA to original blueprint, re-grow brain cells, reduce physical and emotional stress, have more stamina, focus and endurance.

Life Crystals developed by George Merkl are created from fruit, oolong tea, coffee and honey using a solar distillation process yielding a concentration of ATP/GTP in a ultra pure crystalline base of the 5 carbon sugars.

Fulvic Acid is a nano carrier for Life Crystals right into the nucleus of each cell where it instructs the mitochondria to make more ATP. A single molecule of Fulvic Acid carries more than 70 minerals and trace elements into your cells.

Fulvic Acid concentrate works synergistically with the life crystals to boost cellular ATP and energy production, feeding your cells powerful anthocyanin, carotenoid and antioxidants.

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Author: Martin Pytela