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Douglas Laboratories

For over 60 years, Douglas Laboratories has been dedicated to developing high quality healthy aging supplements. Science-based, innovative nutritional supplements. They want to push your potential for healthier living. Today and in the future.

This company is deeply committed to positively impacting the health of those in need, worldwide. And to global sustainability. A healthy community is one fundamental value of this brand.

Douglas Laboratories products are the highest quality available. They are a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility that is third-party, NSF International registered and inspected for good manufacturing practices. An approved producer of NSF certified-for-sport products with an ISO-accredited internal quality laboratory, they guarantee that their supplements are free of banned substances.

This company  studies their own products in rigorous clinical trials with top academic partners. From studying vitamin D with the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, to unraveling the cognitive benefits of polyphenols in older adults at Laval University in Quebec, Douglas Laboratories is heavily invested in understanding the relationship between nutrition and healthy aging.

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