What Are the Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt?

If you sweat (from work or heat), you are losing minerals, and need to replace them, or deal with cramps or dizziness. Sodium helps to regulate blood volume, blood pressure, and controls muscle contractions, nerve transmissions and heart functions. Let me be clear, not all salt is good for you. Most of the bad news about salt comes to us from the use of refined salt. Refined salt has been stripped of all trace minerals, and has had flow agents added to it. When we supplement with whole salt, the body responds differently. Himalayan salt comes from 250 million year old deposits that contain other essential minerals. Himalayan salt is considered healthier than common table salt because it does not contain additives or chemicals.

Salt has equal importance with water. So if we are required to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, we have a daily requirement of salt in a day so that hydroelectric energy can be generated from our body. It will also help our digestive and nervous system, muscles and brain to function properly. But the salt that we need is not the regular table salt.
Our salt was harvested by hand from small mines, washed in salt brine, and dried in the sun. The milled salt was processed in stone mills (big granite wheels, and a wooden shaft), so it had no contact with steel, nickel, or other metals than commonly contaminate industrially processed salt. Himalayan salt is used as a brine treatment. Use a quarter-teaspoon of salt (or one teaspoon of saturated brine) in a pint of water every morning to help hydrate and mineralize your body.

Use more in your sports bottle to help rehydrate during and after serious workouts. Several Marathon runners that used our Himalayan salt reported much-shortened recovery times, by fifty percent. The health benefits of using Himalayan Salt include better digestion, better sports performance, faster recovery, and most of all greater enjoyment of food. You won’t believe just how much better food tastes when it is salted with natural whole salt. Himalayan salt, especially fully crystallized salt, is one of the best in the world.

Author: Life Enthusiast