Miracle Soap
Natural Plant-Based SoapDegreaser and Antibacterial Agent, Detoxifier, Insecticide, and Fertilizer By adjusting the concentration, this is the only product in the world that can do everything from wash a newborn baby, to clean up an oil spill, and everything in between. Support the health of all systems: use internally and externally. Cleanse, detoxify, deodorize and eliminate pests & parasites on yourself, pets, ...
Moisturizing Soap
Natural Soap with MoisturizersThe perfect cornerstone for any skin and hair regime, as it will clean and deodorize anything that water will not damage, and benefit from the added moisture. Alleviate inflammed and dry skin conditions, rashes, dandruff and diaper rash. Excellent for normal and dry skin and hair, as it gently cleanses away any dirt, pests, impurities and toxins. Add to a bath, use as a body wash, or in place ...
Miracle II 5 Pack Bundle
Create Your Own Combination of ProductsYour Choice of Products Try a new product and enjoy the combined healing effects of all Miracle II products! Create your own combination of five of the following Miracle II products: Miracle Soap 22 oz (non-toxic, concentrated) Moisturizing Soap 22 oz (naturally ...
Part No: M25PAK
Foam Soap Dispenser
Convenient, Economical DispenserEnjoy the luxurious feel of foam, and the economy it provides when used with Miracle II Liquid Soap. Dilute 4:1 and save. ...
Laundry and Bath Ball
Cleans with Virtually No Soap!Only Use Soap on Greasy Spots Ordinary laundry needs just some oxybleach to brighten the colors. The perfect solution for sensitive skin, as your laundry will have no residual irritating detergents, fragrances, or softening agents. Sensitive skin will enjoy bathing with it in the tub. Two hundred and nine spikes on the ball are specially designed to gently scrub & massage laundry, as it ...
Part No: M2LB
Sprayer or Pump
ConvenientUse with Magnesium Oil (not Magnesium Gel) or Miracle II products. Sprayer for 4 and 12 oz bottle. Pump for 1 gallon jug. ...
Bath and Laundry Appliance
Energize Your Bath Water and Save on Laundry SoapCleanse our world of pollutants and save money on detergents or soap. This Laundry and Bath Appliance creates Structured Water to use in both Bathing or Laundry, and it is an easy way to help clean up the waters of our world. Anyone using Twilight America products can help to restore the quality of water on our planet. The Bath and Laundry Appliance contains a mix of Twilight America's Precious ...