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Full Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract
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  • Supports Cellular Health and Tissue Regeneration
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal (skin repair)
  • Digestive, Immune, Heart, Blood pressure and Prostate Support

Full Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract


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Full Spectrum Spruce Resin ExtractFull Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract


Vitalize All Body Tissues

SpruceAlive supports your cellular health. With the power of wild, raw Spruce Resin Extract.

  • Topical antibacterial and antifungal properties support healthy tissue regeneration for  repairing skin sores and wounds
  • Supports your natural internal cleansing response
  • Cleanses urinary and digestive systems
  • Increases strength needed for daily work
  • Supports healthy sleep (rise earlier with more energy and strength).

Ethically picked and processed. Carefully removed by hand from trees in the far northern wilderness.

Spruce resin is produced by wild spruce trees to repair them from trauma and injury. Humans can benefit from this power by taking internally.

Take SpruceAlive to fill more robustly alive, in all ways possible, every day.

SpruceAlive contains the living, vital power of full spectrum spruce resin extract. The whole resin plus the gum. 100% unprocessed with all the essential oils and other biologically active compounds. Terpenes and enzymes are fully intact. With aromatic compounds, rich in naturally bound oxygen.

Directions for Use

Taken as drops under the tongue, or apply topically.

Recommended Use

Supports cellular health and tissue regeneration with antibacterial and antifungal properties to repair skin sores and wounds. Digestive, immune, heart, blood pressure and prostrate support. Gives more energy and strength. Anti-inflammatory too.

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