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Bath and Laundry Appliance

Energize Your Bath Water and Save on Laundry Soap
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  • Save Money on Cleaning Products, Improve Water Downstream
  • Reduce Your Detergent Use by 90%!
  • Reduce Chlorine in Baths and Hot Tubs

Energize Your Bath Water and Save on Laundry Soap


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Energize Your Bath Water and Save on Laundry SoapEnergize Your Bath Water and Save on Laundry Soap


Cleanse our world of pollutants and save money on detergents or soap. This Laundry and Bath Appliance creates Structured Water to use in both Bathing or Laundry, and it is an easy way to help clean up the waters of our world.

Anyone using Twilight America products can help to restore the quality of water on our planet.

The Bath and Laundry Appliance contains a mix of Twilight America’s Precious Prills and Laminar Crystals: resulting water may taste metallic. The clothes drying process allows the covering agents from commercial detergents to fall off, improving the appearance of your laundry.

With the Laundry Appliance you can reduce soap use by 90 percent.

Precious Prills, laminar crystals, protective casing (stitched cotton fabric).

Directions for Use

For use in a washing machine, protect the stitching, perhaps in a sports sock. Let dry between uses. The contents will last forever, but the casing will not.

Bath Tub
Use in your bath to create moisturizing, healing Energized Water, to facilitate your absorption of any added minerals. Try TransDerma Magnesium Bath Crystals or Jevatee Naturals Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Hot Tub
In your hot tub, instead of chlorine, use 1 to 3 Laundry Appliances, depending on the size of you tub. Add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide for odor control.

Washing Machine
Place in your washing machine with each load of laundry. Pre-treat stains as you normally would. We use Miracle II Soap. If you still wish to use some detergent, try only about 10%, as you may have overflowing suds.

Recommended Use

Energize your bath and laundry water. Save money on cleaning products, help purify the water of our world.

If you are using it in a washing machine, please put it in an sports sock to protect the stitching from damage.

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