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Dentists and the Life Enthusiast Founder

As a business man, and more importantly someone who hopes to make a difference in the way people live their lives, I have been involved

with health and wellness for many years. A personal life-changing experience in 1977 convinced me that things needed to change for the better. I visited a dentist. Thinking that I needed to have one filling done, and based on his professional opinion of what was best for my health (after all I came with a full health insurance coverage), I needed to have 12 mercury amalgam fillings installed in my mouth. Following this intervention I became progressively sicker and sicker, but I was unaware of the cause. Back in 1980 there were very few people talking about heavy metal poisoning and dentistry.

It was later that I found out I had mercury poisoning. My health continued to deteriorate and I thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair. Mainstream medicine offered no solution, other than painkillers, surgery with uncertain outcome, or this consoling statement: You will have to learn to live with this. I was not satisfied with these options in the least, so I began to search for others. I discovered homeopathy, chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, and started to learn how the human body works.

I found out that not everybody looks at illness the way mainstream medicine did. They saw it as an invasion from outside that needs to be fought like a war in a series of battles. The new medicines I discovered described it more as an expression of problems in ones cellular terrain, more like a dance that needs to be danced in a partnership between the parties. Obviously this experience had a huge effect on me it was the cause of me abandoning my management consultant career in favor of this health and wellness venture. Interesting, right?

Interested in reading my whole story?.

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