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Podcast 474: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

Interconnectedness of chemical sensitivities and intolerances, autism and geo-engineering… Read More

Toxic Effects of Dentistry

A silver-colored dental filling consists of 50% mercury, 50% silver filings and small, varying amounts of tin, copper and zinc may be added… Read More

Podcast 464: Cholephage

With Spencer Feldman from Remedy Link. When Ox bile is consumed, it enters the bloodstream to support the body with the break down and elimination of unwanted fats and cholesterol. After riding the body of rancid fats, we need to replace them with healthy fats our body can actually utilize… Read More

Link Between Mercury and Autism

There is a significant relationship between autism and concentrations of lead and mercury in the body… Read More

Toxicity 101

Symptoms of aging are caused mostly by so many harmful toxins in our environment… Read More

Podcast 393: Zeolite Improves Your Health

With Martin Pytela. Zeolite detoxifies heavy metals and this will improve your general state of health… Read More

Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism Epidemic

Zeolite removes toxins that can provoke chronic inflammatory and neurological conditions, fatigue and pain… Read More

Thimerosal Cover-Up

Science shows that autism and many types of learning and neurological disorders are all connected to Thimerosal… Read More

Thimerosal Shameful Politics

Many of our children are still being injected with mercury at their well-baby checkups… Read More

Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

The major mineral to bind mercury is selenium, sometimes in high dosages, on a short term basis… Read More

Mercury’s Impact on Your Health: Illustrated

Can cause and contribute to many diseases and ailments, in the numerous ways it interacts in the body… Read More

Mercury Toxicity Symptoms

One of the most toxic substances known to mankind in its effect on the body… Read More