Benefits of Bovine Colostrum and Stem Cells

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Stem Cells Boost Repair of ALL Tissues

Colostrum is produced by mammals in the fluid before breast milk. It is rich in immune and growth factors, that literally gives life to baby mammals.

Colostrum enables your body to make more stem cells, that are the foundation creating EVERY organ and tissue in your body.

Your immune system calls on stem cells to replace unhealthy cells, and find areas that require repair. Once in your blood stream, stem cells can duplicate endlessly and become cells of virtually any organ and tissue. They repair and/or replace damaged tissue of virtually ANY organ and tissue in your body, assisting the reversal of disease, aging and injury.

Adult stem cells reside in our body from the day we’re born, and must not be confused with embryonic stem cells that come from an embryo.

Medical research in the last decade has found that adult stem cells reside in more tissues than once thought possible, and adult stem cells can be stimulated and increased from bone marrow. Stem cell release rates from bone marrow drop significantly with age, and this is a key factor linked to aging.

No matter your age, it’s important to activate your adult stem cells from bone marrow, into your bloodstream so they can migrate to areas in need of repair and renewal.

Activating more adult stem cells into your bloodstream and you will not age as quickly, and will sustain growth and health for much longer periods of time, fighting disease more effectively and aggressively.

This new science is providing hope to millions of people of all ages, ranging from those who are already fit and healthy who want to maintain optimal levels of health and wellbeing, to those with a degenerative disease or major health challenge that requires improvement, stabilization and recovery.

Stem Cell Worx bovine colostrum is collected from controlled healthy herds, always within 12 hours of the mother calving.  And please know that there is always enough  colostrum left for the calf.

Bovine Colostrum is known for:

  • Abundant growth and immune factors that are scientifically proven to stimulate one’s own adult stem cells from bone marrow into the bloodstream, for anti aging health benefits.  Please note that other natural ingredients in Stem Cell Worx supplements are used to provide synergistic effects for strong and continuous proliferation of adult stem cells.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Repair and renewal of muscle, skin cartilage and nerve tissue.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Increased metabolism, fat burning and the building of new lean muscle tissue.
  • Protection and repairing the digestive system wall.
  • Best natural source of antibodies to kill pathogens that cause illness.

The many benefits of stem cells from bovine colostrum are now recognized because of better technology, sophisticated testing and public awareness.

Colostrum is NOT Milk

And not all colostrum is created equal. 

The colostrum used in Stem Cell Worx formulas is collected from pasture fed cows and it’s always free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms), hormones, antibiotics and BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy).

Because the cows are exposed to SBOs (soil-based organisms) in intensely managed pasturelands, they have a more developed immune system, and their colostrum is extremely high in nutrients.

The bovine colostrum in Stem Cell Worx formulas is collected fresh, always within 12 hours of a cow giving birth, and is only spray dried so all the nutrients and goodness are retained. It’s then processed immediately using high tech equipment at a U.S.A. laboratory to ensure the nutrients are retained throughout the manufacturing process.

This bovine colostrum has an almost identical molecule structure to human colostrum, with at least 21 times more growth and immune factors than human colostrum, and more than 30% of the antibody IgG, and is over 54% protein.

High performance athletes have known about the benefits of colostrum for years, and bovine colostrum is one of the few health supplements that is cleared by the International Olympic Drug Committee.

StemWorx Uses Intraoral Delivery for Maximum and Fast Absorption

Science has proven that the most effective way for maximum nutrient absorption is orally, sprayed under the tongue and held for 5-10 seconds, then swallowed.

Intraoral (sublingual) enables up to 95% absorption of nutrients (compared to just 10-20% from capsules/tablets). This is because the membranes under your tongue allow nutrients into your bloodstream virtually immediately.

The abundant number of vital growth factors present in Stem Cell Worx bovine colostrum supplement include:

    • IGF-1
    • IGF-2
    • Transforming Growth Factors A and B
    • Epidermal-Growth Factor
    • Fibroblast-Growth Factor
    • Platelet-derived Growth Factor
    • Many immune factors including immunoglobulins, peptides, cytokines.

History of Colostrum

Physician Albert Sabin developed the first polio vaccine, originally isolating the first anti-polio antibodies from bovine colostrum.

Forty years later, Campbell and Peterson developed a program that immunized cows with a mixture of pathogens before the birth of their calf.  The colostrum collected from these animals was referred to as immune or hyper-immunized colostrum.  Research then showed this hyper-immune colostrum was successful in preventing and treating pathogens capable of causing infections.

In 1992 Kummer was the first to demonstrate that colostrum from non-immunized cows could prevent gastrointestinal disease in infants.

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