What Are the Benefits of Energized Water?

Drinking Energized Water benefits become noticeable in just a few days. Most nutritionists promote drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water or the number of ounces that equal half your weight in pounds every day. But if you are drinking 2 to 3 glasses of Energized Water, you will be keeping your body at full efficiency. Energized Water Benefits become obvious when you drink water that is energized naturally as juices from vegetables or fruits. Plants process the ground water and by storing it in their cells they give it the characteristics of living, life supporting water.

The reason for Energized Waters ability to support vibrant health is in the hydration of every individual cell. Energized Water has the ability to move through the cell walls and bring with it nutrients on the way in, as well as toxins on the way out of the cell. Water passes in and out of the cells through the aquaporin channel. Large clusters cannot move through the small opening, only energized, small cluster water can do that.

Cellular hydration is the key to better health. Each cell individually, and collectively as organs, function better when nutrient and energy exchange functions optimally, supported by the free movement into and out of the cell. Benefits of improved hydration are significant, some visible, some you can feel. Better hydration can relieve everything from allergies, asthma and diabetes to headaches, back pain and fatigue. Improved hydration supports better function in everybody, from professional athletes to aging retirees.

Including in the benefits of better hydration is the body’s ability to remove toxins, even from the fat cells and this is how we reduce cellulite. With better availability and utilization of nutrients we experience smaller appetite, more energy, greater athletic ability, aerobic capacity, and overall performance in every biological function or task. Does it mean that you get more out of the food or nutritional supplements you take? You bet! Find out how you can enjoy the Energized Water Benefits, too.

It is simple: you can order the already structured water, or order the tools that clear the water of errant energy charges and return it back to the natural state that supports full hydration. Others have called this water hexagonal, structured, living, revitalized all in the attempt to describe the difference between life-supporting water and the dead fluid we get from our water taps. Let’s just agree that water has to be energized to support life.

Author: Life Enthusiast