The amazing thing about our bodies is that they all have the ability to shut down cancerous and pre-cancerous cells within a few days. During these few days the body will replace these cancerous cells with young and completely healthy ones. In order for this to happen, your body needs to have certain specific nutrients in a specific potency that triggers the responsible cellular mechanism – apoptosis.

The amazing thing is this can be done naturally with Exsula’s EllagiPlex, which gives your body exactly that. It contains all the necessary nutrients that let your body convert Raspberry Ellagitannins into the Ellagic Acid Form that allows your body to convert these cancerous cells.

All it takes is two teaspoons of EllagiPlex twice daily and your body will have received the equivalent of a whole cup of fresh raspberries. The product is formulated to make use of the Ellagic compounds, which are made accessible by cracking the seed shell. The easy-blend format also encourages ongoing use, so you can stay on top of your antioxidant supplementation.

One of the interesting things about Mother Nature is how she protects her goodies. The inner goodies of a raspberry seed, the powerful antioxidants, are protected by an extremely tough outer shell. No matter how fine we grind it up or soak it, the tough shell remains. You will feel it between your teeth when you use our product, but just know that this means you are getting access to the complete spectrum of nutrients, in addition to cleansing fiber that will keep your body expelling toxins and absorbing nutrients.

Author: Martin Pytela