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Bundle: Tumor and Autoimmune

Help Stop Mutated Cell Growth, Boost Immunity
Price: Original price was: $514.80.Current price is: $489.05.
  • Supports Peak Performance and Longevity
  • Potent Formulas Help Rebuild Liver and Digestion
  • May Prevent Tumors

Help Stop Mutated Cell Growth, Boost Immunity

Original price was: $514.80.Current price is: $489.05.


  • Supports Cell Repair and Restoration
  • Focus on Oxygenation, Energy, Rejuvenation and Cleansing
  • Energy from Enzymes and Important Phytonutrients


  • Breakthrough For Healthy Cells and Longevity
  • Promotes Natural Cell Death, May Reduce Tumors
  • Antibacterial and Antiviral
Powder: 400g/14oz


  • May Optimize Bowel Regularity (less toxins=less pain)
  • Supports Digestive and Immune Restoration
  • Helps Eliminate Viruses, Bad Bacteria, Yeast and Parasites
Powder: 340g/12oz

New Liver

  • Help Rebuild Damaged Liver
  • May Increase Energy and Physical Performance
  • Supports Efficient Fat Metabolism (speed weight loss)
Powder: 400g/14oz

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Exsula Superfoods Bundle Tumor AutoimmuneExsula Superfoods Bundle Tumor Autoimmune


Bundle: Tumor and Autoimmune contains essential supplements to help stop mutated cell growth. To help your abnormal cells die. Support better digestion to boost immunity.

This bundle includes:

1. Premium  (11.7oz)
Superfood blend helps energy and rejuvenation.

2. EllagiPlex (14oz)
Powerful anti-tumor formula.

3. Strata-Flora (12oz)
Helps cleanse and rebuild digestive health.

4. New Liver (14oz)
May rebuild damaged liver function.

For Ingredients please see individual product pages.

For Directions for Use please see individual product pages.

For Scientific References please see individual product pages.

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