Improve Your Drinking Water

Water is the most amazing substance on Earth. It supports life, and all of us depend on it. Industrial water is not the same thing as naturally structured, or Energized Water.

We have been investigating the healing properties of water for a good many years. Jim Carter passed on to us several wonderful products, the results of years spent attempting to unlock the mystery of Solid Sunshine and Laminar Crystals simple silicates that change water structure, probably by means of accumulating Life Force and transferring in into water that comes in contact with it.

Water structuring tools are becoming more common. The living water phenomenon is almost becoming accepted in the mainstream. We now have water ionizers, crystal devices, magnetic devices, vortexial and spin devices, all attempting to return water to its primal state. The most desired water is dew freshly condensing droplets of water, settling on cold surfaces from the humidity already contained in the air.

Dew is naturally pure it is distilled by low temperature evaporation from oceans, lakes and rivers. It is the same type of water we see in clouds, floating in the sky. The air all around us is filled with water we call it humidity.

When we evaporate water, it loses most of its past memories. Evaporation clears both the good and the bad vibrations the water previously contained, turning it into a neutral liquid that can readily hydrate us at the cellular level, and especially absorb and remove toxins from our bodies.

The Star Chamber Receiver interacts with water molecules that are suspended in the air, clearing any and all remaining vibrational disturbances. Having a Star Chamber Receiver in your living room will improve your moods in subtle, but recognizable ways. Having one in your bath tub will clear most of the water memories as you are filling your bath. Having four of the devices in your hot tub will turn it into the most popular place to hang out in the neighborhood. Without understanding why, or consciously connecting to the cause, people automatically prefer to spend time in water that has been treated with the structuring and balancing energies of the Star Chamber Receiver.

How well do you understand the role water plays in our lives? Do you appreciate the significance of it? Just stop for a moment and think of a place on the planet that is experiencing desertification like lake Chad, or the Aral sea where entire civilizations are being wiped out by a climate shift. Or think of something closer to home dry winds in California are taking back whole subdivisions of high-end homes, turning them back into dust (from whence they came).

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If you accept the basic premise that water can be influenced by subtle vibrational energies, you will see the possibility of psychosomatic sickness and also of vibrational healing. I mean changing water into wine and rise, you are healed type of events. Or making yourself sick with worry.

PrillsIt is becoming apparent that there are natural ways to restore water to its blank slate state. One of the best examples I recall was a phone call I received from a homeopathic physician from Israel. He called to inquire about our Precious Prills, and among other things he said: I want you to know that drinking your Prill water completely erased the work I was doing on my patient. And it also cured him of the condition I was trying to treat!.

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Dehydration is easy to come by: eating too much concentrated food (not enough raw fruit and vegetables), not drinking enough water, and especially not drinking enough small cluster water Energized Water. This is important! Your cells can bring water in or out of themselves using the aquaporin channel only through a very tiny opening. If you dont eat raw water-rich food, you will be constantly dehydrated. If the water you drink is large cluster industrial waste (tap water!), it will be even worse.

The very first thing you should accept, if you have not already
Chlorine will mess with your digestive tract bacteria, so eliminate it from your drinking water, and from your bath or shower water, too. Dehydration is a serious health issue. Correct it, and avoid a broad range of degenerative illnesses. There are many products on the market that will help you with water structuring and we bring the best we can find.

I get asked almost every day to give a list of products one could use to improve hydration. Here it is, from simple to complex

To treat your drinking water, use Precious Prills. They dont cost much and last for several years. If you want to further improve on the vibrational characteristics of your water, add the Crystal Pearls. To have something convenient in your purse or pocket that will charge your food and drinks, use the ADR 4.

Water filtration is a big topic. Carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis, Distillation which one should you get and why?

One device that caught my eye and impressed me greatly is the Avesa Water System. This must be the Best Deal on a water filter that produces clean, pH balanced, energetically corrected water on demand. Restore proper hydration, for health and vitality.

Alkaline water helps to quickly reduce acidosis in the body, lowering the irritants that cause inflammation, and helping reduce all degenerative changes caused by that inflammation. All inflammatory conditions in the body have ugly medical names that end with -itis, -osis, or -etes. Think arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes

There are two main ways you can get rid of the toxins either draw them out through the skin, or have your kidneys filter them out so they leave with your urine. Gravity is causing the toxins to pool in the feet when the kidneys are not keeping up.

If you find yourself suffering from symptoms of acid-alkaline imbalance, most likely too much acidity, you will appreciate hearing this: Using the principles of osmosis and electrolysis we are able to draw toxins out of your body, especially your feet where they tend to concentrate (have you ever wondered why some peoples feet smell so bad?).

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff