>Martin’s wife woke with a kink in her back and he worked on her with the Scalar Wand, an energy device that can release blocked energy and restore its natural flow to eliminate pain.  He used it up and down each muscle attachment where they were stuck, and sure enough… there was some pain relief!

Now Scott has a sore back, after too much stretching during Hot Yoga. He also used the Scalar Wand and Magnesium Gel, and he also experienced pain relief.

The most common conventional treatment for pain relief is over the counter or prescription drugs for pain, inflammation and sleep. In Martin’s past, this caused him some numbing relief, but he felt so stoned that he was useless for anything.

Natural products have the added benefit of providing long term health and vitality. Although alternative health supplementation may not completely eradicate the problem, it can alleviate a large portion of the symptoms, and greatly ease the inflammation and pain, withOUT nasty side effect.

Long-term use of prescription (and over-the-counter) drugs can lead to many complications, and can actually exacerbate the symptoms. Some prescription medications can even cause bleeding of the stomach, which alone can be quite serious.

Recovery is another safe and effective way to manage inflammatory conditions. It also prevents and treats tissue damage (from disease, surgery and injury), pain and poor healing. Recovery strikes at the root of inflammation, provides potent protection for your connective tissue, and improves the repair of damaged cells. It handles the problem at its core, healing deep into tissue where all problems and symptoms originate.

Author: Martin Pytela