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Movie: All The Gold You Can Eat

ormus movie

I was part of the Ormus revival movement since its early days. I was introduced to it through one of the early lectures by David Hudson, became a share holder in his Science of the Spirit Foundation, and participated in the WhiteGold Forum created by Barry Carter to help understand what these strange minerals are and how they best be used.

I learned the manufacturing process, and made gallons of the concentrate. I ingested large amounts of it and experienced both the physical and spiritual effects. I also taught a number of people this process known as the wet method so that they may help themselves or others. We make these products available on our site as Ormus Supplements.

Since the early days of Life Enthusiast we distributed products made by Don Nance, the Alchemist in the movie All The Gold You Can Eat. I encourage you to watch the movie not only for its entertainment value, but also to educate yourself about this ancient process that is finally being rediscovered.

The benefits are far reaching they range from basic physical improvement of your health, to more subtle emotional clearing, and even enhanced spiritual development. Thats spiritual, not religious.

I see no point trying to cover the information here in the post. Watch the movie All The Gold You Can Eat. Its a lot of fun.