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Tribulus, Puncture Vine

Tribulus, Puncture Vine helps with the organs and systems of the abdomen, especially the liver, kidneys, urinary tract and sexual systems. Read More


The phytonutrients in Goat Weed directly benefit the sexual systems in humans as well, and they help with an overall enhanced sense of youth, ambition, confidence and well-being. Read More


Damiana has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine throughout the world. It is thought to act as an aphrodisiac, antidepressant, tonic, diuretic, cough-suppressant, and mild laxative. Read More


Of the long list of traditional Amazon herbs to choose from, we are most interested in a select few of these – the ones where their uses by indigenous people parallels their uses by modern people, and matches sophisticated scientific and clinical research. Read More

What Is This Simple Brown Seaweed All About?

To increase your nitric oxide, instead of l-arginine consider Ecklonia. It goes beyond boosting nitric oxide with ingredients to energize and rejuvenate. Read More

Fountain of Youth from South China Sea

In just a few months you can undo years of damage to your heart, brain, joints and nerves… Read More

Ecklonia Cava for Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers gave Ecklonia Cava Extract to men with erectile difficulties and boosted their function and overall satisfaction by more than 60%… Read More

Aging Male Syndrome

A decline in testosterone can affect a man’s body Read More

The Muscle of Love

All you need to konow about The Muscle of Love Read More