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The Fat Story

The Fat Story Fat. Even the word itself oozes with negative associations. Just say it out loud. Fat. What comes to your mind first? I doubt it is something cute or enjoyable. FAT. We’ve been given so […]

Nutrition for the skin

Nutrition for the skin We have previously discussed skin and its function, so let’s just take a brief moment to highlight some key information. Our skin is a powerful, yet vulnerable, protective shield covering our whole body, […]

Coconut Oil Basics

Coconut Oil Basics Coconut Oil is a healthy cooking fat, and a wonderful beauty tool. Perfect for both your kitchen and bathroom. Can be stored unrefrigerated for up to two years. It’s one of the most versatile […]

Praise The Lard

Praise The Lard Saturated fat has a bad reputation. It was demonized for years (maybe even decades) as a contributor (or direct cause) of heart disease, cancer, or brain damage. We already learned about fat and the […]

Weight Loss

Weight Loss We Have Big Problems It is clear that we are doing something wrong! America was the healthiest nation in 1900 and by 1920 was in second place. During WWI the US was back into first […]

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