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Podcast 467: Protelase

With Spencer Feldman. Spike proteins produced by the recent jab experiment can have severe repercussions like blood clotting (stroke), autoimmune problems and various other issues… Read More

Soy: Fermented is Good for Us, Unfermented is NOT

Fermented soy helps prevent and reduce a variety of diseases including certain forms of heart disease and cancers… Read More

Individual Enzymes Basics

Explanation of enzyme functions, from Amylase to Serrapeptase… Read More

Nattokinase and Cardiovascular Health (pdf)

From Natto (fermented soybean derivative, it may help prevent and treat blood clots, and protects against heart disease… Read More

Enzymes are Nature’s Clot Busters

A clot forms when fibrin glues platelets and red blood cells together. Too much can be a health disaster… Read More

Scientific References: Enzymes

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More