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Waters of Life

Waters of Life

Waters of Life

by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

The quality of the water determines the quality of the life it gives.

When we use the word pure we have to stop, pause and ponder. In The Science of the Pure, I wrote about the very specific effect something pure has on the impure. One merges into the other, the pure becomes less pure and the impure becomes slightly more pure. This principle can be applied in medicine directly. For instance if we pass pure substances through the body, substances like pure clay, activated charcoal, or even diatomaceous earth, these substances will pull to them impurities, they will clean and heal because they are so pure. All of these substances have fantastic abilities to absorb the impure.

Water is the same; it will draw each and every impurity to itself. Water is the ultimate solvent and is the secret to life itself. Water dissolves all the solid matter in the blood and cells. Water is the carrier wave of life and regulates the function of everything it holds in its bosom. Since water causes ionization[i], without water our body ceases its chemical reactions. Every function in the body is dependent on the proper hydration of the body. When there is not sufficient water in the cells enzyme reactions are impaired and thus biological activity is diminished. Taken to an extreme cells begin to die with the eventual threat of the extinction of the overall organism. Without water we would actually starve because we need water to metabolize everything we eat.

Most people do not look at water as a nutrient but it is, and is the most important one. We can live for about 3 months without other foods but will last only about 10 days without water. Next to the air we breathe, water is second in importance for life. Yet, statistics have been presented to estimate that at least 75% of Americans are dehydrated. Dehydration is an important but underappreciated etiology in many diseases. It’s hard for most doctors to understand that water plays a part in disease states probably because it is too common of a substance and too simple. Water is the very first thing we should take as a medicine but it is not as simple as “drink plenty of fluids” as we have been led to believe.

Every life giving and healing process that happens inside our body happens with water.

Water has many functions in the body besides being a solvent and a means of transportation. One of its principle functions is seen in its hydrolytic[ii] role in the body’s metabolism. Another is that the osmotic flow of water through cell membranes creates a form of hydroelectric energy. Meaning water plays a principle role in ATP[iii] energy creation. Water is also an adhesive material that is important in cell structure and bondage. Water can be seen to regulate most of the functions of the body because of its central pivotal role in everything biological.

It is very important to understand that water clears toxic waste from the different parts of the body and takes it to the liver and kidneys for disposal. Hydration is necessary for the cells to eliminate their wastes. The intestines are also totally dependent on the best lubricating laxative there is, water, which guards against constipation and thus large toxic build up. The brain, which is at least 75 percent water is especially sensitive to the effects of dehydration.

The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever. Dr. Alexis Carrel Nobel Prize in Medicine

The Three Essential Qualities of Water

There are three essential qualities of water in the body that are important to focus our attention on. Quantity (hydration levels), pH levels and the purity or impurity of the water that is supplied to the body. The first is the quantity. Dehydration, the simple lack of sufficient quantities of water effect cell life profoundly. Water shortages in different parts of the body will manifest different signs and symptoms, (cries of thirst) but we normally do not think to treat the cause of the problem with water. It is almost blasphemy to think that water has the capacity to cause and cure disease yet we know without water we quickly die. Drinking enough water is VERY important and when we don’t drink enough the first sign of that is darkening urine. The color of urine in a dehydrated person will be dark yellow to orange. The more hydrated we are the lighter the color of our urine. Any dark color at all in the urine could indicate a water deficiency.

Pure water, about one quart per day for every 50 pounds of body weight, is one of the absolute basic foundations for optimal health. Dr. Joseph Mercola

Even mild dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45% and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer. As a bare daily minimum, one should consume one ounce for every two pounds of body weight, or approximately 33 milliliters for every kilogram of body mass. Please note that this amount is the bare minimum necessary to maintain health. Most people will require more to remain hydrated.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj,[iv] an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water, would certainly have paid attention to the quality of the water used for treating disease. His pioneering work on dehydration identifies different health problems caused by persistent dehydration of the human body. Dr. Batmanghelidj said, “Medicine has based its understanding that it is solid matter in the body that regulates all functions of the body. I have explained scientifically at the molecular level that it is water that regulates all functions of the body including functions of solid matter. It is water that energizes and activates the solid matter. If you don’t take enough water, some functions of the body will suffer. Dehydration produces system disturbances. When I use the word water cure, I am referring to curing dehydration with water.”

Dr. Heinz Valtin, a retired professor and kidney specialist at the Dartmouth Medical School, cautions that drinking too much water may increase exposure to water-borne pollutants, and may increase the risk of water intoxification, also called hyponatremia, a sometimes fatal condition that is the result of replacing lost fluids much faster than sodium. Dr. Valtin is correct in warning to drink pure not polluted water and certainly to drink without limit without eating to replenish sodium and other essential minerals is foolish, especially for athletes and others suffering from various disease states. But his statements are being used by obtuse people to degrade the good advice of increasing ones daily intake of water.

When we increase our water intake it naturally speeds up our metabolism and allows our body to better assimilate nutrients from the foods and nutritional supplements we consume.

Many experts insist that the majority of Americans are chronically under hydrated, and should drink more water and the reasons behind their insistence are solid. A healthy adult in temperate climates typically loses between a half gallon and three quarters of a gallon of water a day through body functions and if that level is not replaced the cell environment degrades quite quickly. High fluid intake has been shown to reduce incidences of urinary bladder cancer, colorectal cancer and coronary heart disease, with results even at five or six glasses of water a day. Some people claim that it also aids in weight loss, and in relieving constipation, headaches, fatigue, arthritis and depression.

It is not easy to increase one’s water intake. It is a decision and entails a commitment because most of us, by habit, drink to little and are not in touch with the thirst mechanism in our body. We also have to cut down on non-water fluids like coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks if we want to properly hydrate the body.

Symptoms of dehydration may include nausea, fatigue, headaches, dry mouth and reduced mental acuity. Dr. Charles Peterson of the NIH says dehydration is mainly a problem among Americans suffering from other illnesses, such as diabetes, or those who undergo extreme exertion. Shortness of breath is mentioned also and the author recently tested this and found an almost instant response in breathing after drinking three glasses of water. More than most of us would ever like to think; facts add up to the reality that most of us do not drink as much water as we need. And we deceive ourselves thinking that the coffee or colas count for fluid intake when they actually draw down on the water supplies of the body. When we drink fluids laced with chemicals the body has to use more water to compensate and clear toxins from the body.

The Second essential quality of water is it’s alkalinity. Many have heard that disease stems from an acid (acidosis) state in the body. A number of doctors have developed diets that teach how to alkalinize the body with foods. This was the only way until recently when the Japanese created a water treatment device that used a process of electrolysis to make either alkaline or acidic water. According to Dr. Mark Cochran, in The Secrets of pH Concerning Health and Disease, in order to avoid disease and premature aging, the body should be kept in a slightly alkaline condition.

Water hardness is related to water pH, and at least from a fish’s point of view, is one of the most important aspects of water quality as it affects so many areas of fish health. For us human beings water hardness is much less significant except for the fact that water hardness has a major effect on pH and pH stability. Hardness is a measurement of the concentration of divalent metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc etc, usually acquired as rainwater percolates through rock. In most water it consist mainly of calcium and magnesium salts, with trace amounts of other metals. Alkalinity refers to the hardness derived mainly from carbonate and bicarbonate ions and directly reflects the buffering capacity of the water. Though hardness is important, especially for those low in magnesium, minerals can be added back into the water if we take the minerals out in distillation of water. So important is alkalinity and water mineral content that we will deal with each in separate chapters.

Because body fluids such as lymph and saliva are part of body’s way of buffering acids it is extremely important to keep the body hydrated. These high pH body fluids are solvents that dilute and neutralize acid residues. Gary Tunsky, in his book The Battle For Health Is Over pH, says, “Over 90 percent of the population is dehydrated from an over-consumption of acidic, dehydrating foods and beverages including coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and high-sodium fast food. If the body is not properly hydrated, fluid reserves from the blood, saliva and lymph are depleted, thus limiting their acid neutralizing properties.”

To secure the best possible waters in life is to secure the healthiest life.

And the third essential quality of water is its purity. The waters that are fed into the body, if contaminated, will impact negatively on the function of the entire organism. Life simply does not thrive under polluted conditions. The purity is very important for many of the common impurities we find in water, even in our public drinking water, are poisonous. Common tap water is for all intent and purposes a slow poison, not suitable to drink, certainly not suitable as a medicine/healing substance. “I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable,” said Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, past president of the American Medical Association. “Water contains a number of substances that are undesirable, and fluorides are just one of them,” stated Dr. F. A. Bull, State Dental Director of Wisconsin. We have said much about all the poisons in the water in the previous chapters on water. It is a science and even an art to study the dynamics of pure water. How to purify, how much to purify, how much to remineralize and alkalinize?

Of the thousands of synthetic chemicals on the market, relatively few have been tested for safety. And even fewer have been tested in combination with other chemicals. For our health, for our children’s health, such testing should be in place for all chemicals. Center for Children’s Health

Water to be used for drinking and cooking must be of high quality. It must meet or exceed the bacteriological and chemical requirements of both the EPA Interim Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Regulations. Since these regulations accept water additives like fluoride and chloramines we can not count on public standards to fulfill the requirements our bodies have for high quality water. We have to appreciate the sad reality that public health officials have no conception of pure water. Their water treatment strategies preclude such ideas. They keep pumping in poisons to purify chlorine or chloramine) and medicate (fluorinate) the water and do not warn the public of the dangers.

On August 30, 2005 eleven EPA employee unions[v] representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals of the Civil Service have called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs across the country, and have asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people. The unions acted following revelations of an apparent cover-up of evidence from Harvard School of Dental Medicine linking fluoridation with elevated risk of a fatal bone cancer in young boys.

Infant mortality rates are highest in fluoridated cities. Figures released by the National Centre for Health Statistics reveal that infant mortality is a big problem in the United States. This data shows that the ten cities with the worst rate of infant mortality have all been artificially fluoridated at least 17 years or longer. After the first full year of fluoridation Kansas city, Missouri’s infant mortality increased 13%.[vi] After the fifth year of fluoridation in Kansas City, infant mortality increased 36%.[vii] Japan, with no fluoridation, has the lowest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world, and the longest life expectancy.[viii] It is clear that we must not drink water with fluoride in it. Those who have declared a war on terrorism (American Government) should know that they themselves have been acting as the ultimate terrorists, perpetrating unspeakable harm on the men, woman and children of their own country using water as a weapon.

A family sized tube of fluoride toothpaste contains sufficient fluoride to kill a 3.6 kg baby.
Dr. G.E Smith[ix]

According to Troubled Waters on Tap “Over 2100 contaminants have been detected in U.S. drinking water since 1974 with 190 known or suspected to cause adverse health effects at certain concentration levels. In total, 97 carcinogens and suspected carcinogens, 82 mutagens and suspected mutagens, 28 acute and chronic toxic contaminants and 23 tumor promoters have been detected in U.S. Drinking water since 1974. The remaining 90% of the organic matter present in drinking water has not been identified by testing to-date.”[x]

In the next chapter we talk about and make comparisons between pure consciousness and pure water. The question of fluoridation perhaps represents one of the most disgusting manifestations of human consciousness in history. For the last fifty years high officials in the American government have ordered and forced public water officials to poison almost every man woman and child by medicating the water with fluoride, what was known then and now to be a carcinogenic [xi] substance. When we struggle over water we are struggling with gigantic dark forces who would do us and our loved ones harm. Though chlorine is highly dangerous its use put a quick stop to many water born infectious diseases. With fluoride we have one of the most sinister forces in society expressing itself. It is highly unlikely that anytime soon that these forces will listen to these 7000 scientists and public servants. The reasons for this are hidden in the very nature of ego centered human consciousness focused on greed and power.


[i] For any chemical reaction to occur there needs to be two molecules involved, and each of these molecules must have something to ‘trade’, in the form of compatible atoms that are either positively or negatively charged. Positively charged molecules (and the atoms within them) will easily and naturally unite with negatively charged molecules of equivalent and compatible charge. Atoms and molecules are electrically neutral in that the number of negatively charged electrons is exactly equal to the number of positively charged protons. Much of the “normal matter” that we find around us is in this form. However, particularly when there are energy sources available, atoms or molecules can gain or lose electrons and acquire a net electrical charge. This process is called ionization. Ionization is the gain or loss of electrons.

[ii] Reactions that happen only in the presence of water, and which causes the substance acted upon to take up a molecule of water, resulting in the splitting of a chemical bond and often splitting one compound into two. Hydrolytic enzymes break down protein, carbohydrate, and fat molecules into their simplest units. During hydrolysis a water molecule is added to the polymer and cleaves the covalent bond holding the two monomers.

[iii] A critically important macromolecule – arguably “second in importance only to DNA”-is ATP. ATP is the major energy currency molecule of all cells. This complex molecule is critical for all life from the simplest to the most complex. ATP is a complex nano-machine that serves as the primary energy currency of the cell (Trefil, 1992, p.93). A nano-machine is a complex precision microscopic-sized machine that fits the standard definition of a machine. ATP is the “most widely distributed high-energy compound within the human body” (Ritter, 1996, p. 301). This ubiquitous molecule is “used to build complex molecules, contract muscles, generate electricity in nerves, and light fireflies. All fuel sources of Nature, all foodstuffs of living things, produce ATP, which in turn powers virtually every activity of the cell and organism.

[iv] When the Iranian Revolution broke out in 1979, Dr. Batmanghelidj was placed in the infamous Evin Prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months. It was there he discovered the healing powers of water. One night, Dr. B. had to treat a fellow prisoner with crippling peptic ulcer pain. With no medications at his disposal, Dr. B. gave him two glasses of water. Within eight minutes, his pain disappeared. He was instructed to drink two glasses of water every three hours and became absolutely pain free for his four remaining months in the prison. Dr. B. successfully treated 3,000 fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone. While in prison he conducted extensive research into the medicinal effects of water in preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases.

[v] EPA Scientists & Workers Call for an End to Water Fluoridation Because of Cancer Risk: The unions sent letters to key Congressional committees asking Congress to legislate a moratorium pending a review of all the science on the risks and benefits of fluoridation. The letters cited the weight of evidence supporting a classification of fluoride as a likely human carcinogen, which includes other epidemiology results similar to those in the Harvard study, animal studies, and biological reasons why fluoride can reasonably be expected to cause the bone cancer – osteosarcoma – seen in young boys and test animals.

[vi] The Kansas City Star, November 21, 1982. (Nexus magazine Vol.2 no. 11 1992-93 p.9)

[vii] The Kansas City Star, February 26, 1987 (Nexus magazine Vol.2 no. 11 1992-93 p.9)

[viii] (Nexus magazine Vol.2 no. 11 1992-93 p.9)

[ix] Fluoride: the Frightening Facts. Simply Living Vol.2 no.1 p.35 1983

[x] Conacher D. Troubled Waters on Tap Organic Chemicals in Public Drinking Water Systems and the Failure of Regulations. Wash D. C: Center for study of Responsive Law, 1988:114.

[xi] 91% of Americans ingesting artificially fluoridated water are consuming silicofluorides [1]. This is a class of fluoridation chemicals that includes hydrofluosilicic acid and its salt form, sodium fluorosilicate. These chemicals are collected from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry. The scrubber liquors contain contaminants such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and radioactive particles2, are legally regulated as toxic waste, and are prohibited from direct dispersal into the environment. Upon being sold (unrefined) to municipalities as fluoridating agents, these same substances are then considered a “product”, allowing them to be dispensed through fluoridated municipal water systems to the very same ecosystems to which they could not be released directly. Sodium fluoride, used in the remaining municipalities, is also an industrial waste product that contains hazardous contaminants.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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