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  • Miracle Neutralizer

    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

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     By: Miracle II
    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

    Miracle Neutralizer can be taken internally. Or used externally on your skin, your pets and your plants too. Often used in combination with Miracle Soap for powerful detoxifying bath. Taken internally to help: Remineralize and balance your body May restore proper functioning at the cellular level Helps  balances electrolytes in your bloodstream Supports proper nutrient absorption and may return good health, even from very challenging illnesses. May alleviate indigestion, constipation and even colic in infants. Used externally to help: When sprayed in the nose, it helps clear nasal congestion due...

    • Safely Detoxify both Internally and Externally
    • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
    • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections