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    Powerful Antioxidant Supports Natural Cell Turnover

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    Powerful Antioxidant Supports Natural Cell Turnover

    Ellagica contains Ellagic Acid that promotes the natural cell death of malignant cells. When a cell begins to form a tumor, our DNA sends it a signal to self-destruct. This is one of the most powerful safeguards we have in preventing cellular mutation and it works the majority of the time. Unfortunately, it only takes one cell capable of blocking this signal for a tumor to form. It is specifically those cells that are capable of overriding the self-destruct signal from the DNA that continue to grow and eventually form tumors. Ellagic...

    • Promotes Natural Cell Death, May Reduce Tumors
    • Massive Cellular Clearing Helps Rebuild Healthy Cells
    • Inhibits Parasites, Bacterial and Viral Infections