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  • QuickSilver Scientific, DHEA + 100 ml

    DHEA +

    Nanoformulated Steroidal Hormone Tonic

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Nanoformulated Steroidal Hormone Tonic

    Nanoformulated DHEA + is a targeted formula, designed to support and balance healthy hormone levels for aging men and women in menopause or andropause. Your natural DHEA production peaks between the ages of 25 and 30. Supplementation of this influential hormone supports: Healthy weight Energy Libido Muscle maintenance. This blend includes the "mother hormone" pregnenolone. It's a precursor to all life-harmonizing sex and stress hormones. And it's tied to healthy cognitive function. Chrysin and DIM support healthy estrogen levels and metabolism. Adaptogenic herbs Ginseng and Maca support healthy stress resilience. DHEA + offers a balancing...

    • Natural Hormone Therapy
    • Reverse Effects of Aging
    • Fast and Enhanced Absorption