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    Topically Everything

    Magnesium, Alflafa and Kelp

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     By: Twilight America
    Magnesium, Alflafa and Kelp

    Topically Everything may help painful inflammatory conditions. Results are often instant, or within hours of the first application. This is a totally unique way to apply herbal remedies directly to the cellular level, by way of your skin, your body's largest organ. Alfalfa and Kelp pain relief is carried directly to your cells for immediate absorption. The delivery system is Magnesium. I recently went water-skiing, an activity that I've seldom done in the last decade. This resulted in one particularly very sore arm muscle. Before bed, I applied Topically Everything, two times. In the...

    • Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain
    • Fast-acting Skin Delivery
    • Contains Iodine to Nourish Your Thyroid