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  • Powerful Overall Health Booster

    5 Seed Oil Blend

    Powerful Overall Health Booster

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Powerful Overall Health Booster

    5 Seed Oil Blend The ultimate super oil, pressed to perfection that provides: Increase Energy Digestive support Strengthen immunity Feeds your brain Nourishes your heart Boosts bone strength and density Reduces inflammation Balances hormones And so much more. 5 Seed Oil Blend supports nearly every single function in your body. It picks up where your regular diet leaves...

    • Digestive Support
    • Increase Energy and Immunity
    • Feeds Your Brain, Heart and Bones
  • ADR-4, energize water, energize food

    ADR-4 Harmonizer

    Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

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     By: ADR Systems
    Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

    Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer Energize All Water Molecules for Superior Hydration, Tastes Better Taste food and beverages like your never did before. Proprietary internationally recognized technology that turns ordinary food and drink into delicious feast! It only takes a couple of minutes! Use the ADR 4 to turn cheap wine into top grade ambrosia - improve the quality, taste and health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and all food containing water. Regular consumption of products energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, improving or increasing vitality. Positive impacts...

    • First Aid for Microwaved Food
    • Take With You to Eat Out and Travel
    • Improve the Taste of Your Food and Beverages – Salads, Soups, Drinks
    • Superior Cellular Hydration to Relieve Pain and Promote Healing
  • Joint Health, Mobility and Comfort

    Aid 4 Joints

    Ultimate Joint Support Formula

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     By: NB Pure
    Ultimate Joint Support Formula

    Take Aid 4 Joints regularly to support joint health. Reduce pain from inflammation Support healthy inflammatory responses Reduce stiffness Increase mobility Improve comfort So you can get moving... Excellent for people who are: Over 40 (especially vegans and vegetarians) Exercise regularly Intense athletes or those with physically demanding jobs Over weight Recovering from...

    • Naturally Reduce Joint Discomforts
    • Get Moving and Keep Going
    • Speed Recovery After Injury or Surgery
  • Amazing Soak

    Oxygenating Soaking Solution

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     By: Wetway
    Oxygenating Soaking Solution

    Amazing Soak Increase Your Oxygen to Eliminate Pain Rejuvenate Your Skin and All Internal Tissues Soak your body (or feet) to increase your oxygen, energy and alertness.  Revitalize your skin with deep pore cleansing. Reduce stress and pain. The longer you soak, the deeper it goes. Enhances your available oxygen to help: Alleviate sore, tired or over-exercised muscles Recover faster from injury, surgery, strenuous activity Reduce pain from inflammation Increase blood flow Effective oral antimicrobial rinse Improve energy and sleep or relaxation Support elimination of toxins. Amazing Soak Diminishes Skin Problems Antiseptic (disinfecting) and anti-inflammatory (reduce...

    • Raise Your Energy and Sharpen Your Senses
    • Reduce Swelling and Pain, Sleep Better
    • Revitalize Skin, Muscles, Organs
  • by Dr. Brice Vickery

    Book: Two-Edged Sword Diet

    by Dr. Brice Vickery

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     By: SuperNutrient Corporation
    by Dr. Brice Vickery

    Over 70 Recipes! Learn how to eliminate candida through natural dietary changes. Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinners, plus bonus desserts, salad dressings, list of permitted foods and exciting ideas to make your 3 months on the diet that much easier. Two and a half years in the making! Making getting rid of chronic pain even easier! After thousands of requests we proudly present the diet book that is so important in many conditions associated with candida and gluten sensitivity. Now available, 1st edition printed version, on glossy paper, and in full color, this...

    • Beat the Yeast and Boot the Gluten
    • If carbs are giving you trouble, here’s a cookbook for you!
    • Most Fibromyalgia patients need to change their diet!
  • Bundle: Fibromyalgia Support

    Synergistic Products to Rebuild Yourself

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Synergistic Products to Rebuild Yourself

    The ultimate combination of synergist products to assist your body in rebuilding its energy and immune system while reducing the pain that comes from inflammation and from over-stimulated nerves while helping your immune system to work as it was designed to keeping you healthy and strong. Cleanse and detoxify with ongoing support. Address a particular condition, lifestyle issue and/or stage. Provide essential, optimal nutrition to improve your general well-being. Bundle: Fibromyalgia Support includes... Abzorb (150 caps) Body Biotics (90 caps)...

    • Stop Pain. Flexible Joints. Clear Mind. Better Recall.
    • Remove Deadly Toxins from Your System
    • Nourish Your Body to Restore Healthy Tissues and Normal Functions
  • Bundle: Magnesium Bulk Value

    Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress

     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress

    Live a Long, Comfortable Life Soothe frazzled nerves for stress free relaxation. Ease sore and aching muscles. Allow optimal body functions. Restore vital magnesium to your body, and enable cellular regeneration to exceed degeneration. Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that your body requires for cellular health (along with calcium, sodium and potassium). It supports healing, regeneration and maintenance of all living cells. It soothes your nervous system (providing deeper, stress free rest), and is essential for the production of amino acids that are critical for virtually every chemical reaction in your body. Our...

    • Soothe Frazzled Nerves for Deeper Relaxation
    • Ease Sore and Aching Muscles
    • Allow Optimal Body Functions
  • Bundle: Mobility

    4 Essential Products for Joint Health

     By: Life Enthusiast
    4 Essential Products for Joint Health

    This Bundle: Mobility provides natural support for connective tissues. Helps reverse hardening of joints, tendons and cartilage. This Bundle: Immunity Support includes Magnesium Oil (355ml/12oz) Vitalzym (360 gelcaps) GaiaThera Opti-MSM (570g/20.0oz) Arthritis-Ease (30ml/1oz) Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products...

    • Natural Support for Connective Tissues
    • Helps Revers Hardening of Connective Tissues
    • 10% Discount When Purchased Together
  • Chanca Piedra XP

    The Stone Breaker

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     By: UHTCO Corporation
    The Stone Breaker

    Break-up Kidney and Gall Stones Chanca Piedra is Spanish for stone breaker. It's a native  Amazonian name, with a long documented history of use. Indigenous people use it for: Gallstones and kidney stones Reduce pain Stimulate and promote digestion Expel intestinal gas and worms Mild laxative. In addition to breaking up kidney and gall stones, indigenous people use it for indigestion, blood glucose levels, fever, flu, tumors, vaginal inflammation, colic, diabetes, malaria, dysentery, fever, flu, tumors, jaundice and gonorrhea. Chanca Piedra is a small, fast-growing annual herb. Indigenous to tropical  rainforests of the...

    • Great for Kidney and Gallbladder Issues
    • Support for Belly Aches and Fevers
    • Strengthens Elimination
  • Regain Your Electron Charge

    Electron Charger

    Top-Up Your Life Force Storage

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     By: RemedyLink
    Top-Up Your Life Force Storage

    Electron Charger Add electrons back into your body and experience increased energy, restoring your cells to full metabolic function. Your Electric Charge Determines Your Health The Electron Charger has the power to start and accelerate the de-crystallizing process of your aging, hardened, crystallized cells. Grounding/Earthing When we walk barefoot on the ground, we absorb electrons from the Earth's surface through our feet.  It is like a slow, trickle charge for your body,  sufficient to maintain excellent health.  But how often do you walk barefoot on the ground? If our electric charge is kept low for too...

    • Increase Energy – Reduce/Eliminate Fatigue
    • Restore Cells to Full Metabolic Functioning
    • Power Up Your Antioxidants (anti-aging)
  • Clear Vibrational Disturbances, Relieve Pain


    Clear Vibrational Disturbances, Relieve Pain

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Clear Vibrational Disturbances, Relieve Pain

    Epiphany: Manifest a Breakthrough from Life to Light This spray is master-crafted from hundreds of tangible and intangible components of the most precious, superior forms. Are you feeling hurt, suffering, sad, angry, hopeless, lost, chained to the past? Negativity? Bad dreams? Epiphany can release those emotions now, with a soothing mist for your face. Feeling suffocated? Hard to breathe? Inhale a fine mist. Eyes burning and tired, dull and out of focus? Spray a fine mist overhead and look up into it as it falls. Need to find your voice? Spray into open mouth. Rise-n-shine whole...

    • Powerful Healing Energy
    • An Experience Like Nothing Else Before
    • A Powerful Life-Positive Energy-Shifting Symphony
  • Promotes Neuromuscular Harmony


    Promotes Health of Brain and Nervous System

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     By: Algonot
    Promotes Health of Brain and Nervous System

    FibroProtek promotes neuromuscular harmony between your body and mind. Helps cellular repair from physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. Natural and patented supplement containing: Coenzyme Q10 An antioxidant that helps prevent and stop tumor growth. Reverse symptoms of aging and eliminate painful degenerative diseases. Helps convert food to energy. May be important to cognitive and nervous system health. May strengthen immunity. Carnitine Shown to ease discomfort, lessen fatigue and improve mental health. Luteolin Antioxidant that may reduce free radicals, mast cell and microglial activation, according to recently published research. Quercetin Natural non-acidic flavonoid, obtained from the saphora plant. Olive...

    • Reduce Connective Tissue Inflammation
    • Work on ALL Symptoms of Inflammatory Diseases
    • Lessen Fatigue, Improve Mental Health
  • Lower Your Stress and Anxiety

    GABA with L-Theanine

    Lower Your Stress and Anxiety

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Lower Your Stress and Anxiety

    Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine Helps calm you down, without impairing brain functions. GABA is your body’s main inhibitory neurotransmitter. It supports emotional balance and healthy stress response. L-Theanine is an amino acid that supports relaxation and mood. Together they support your brain’s natural stress response. Most oral GABA supplements are destroyed in digestion and never make it into the blood. Quicksilver Scientific delivery is different. Liposomal encapsulation ensures the nutrients can diffuse into your body. For highly absorbed, more effective nutrition. GABA with L-theanine together, for optimal nervous system...

    • Feel Calm without Impaired Brain Functions
    • Balance Your Emotions
    • Support Natural Stress Responses
  • Anti-inflammatory

    Hemp Seed Oil

    Superior Source of Healthy Fats

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Superior Source of Healthy Fats

    Hemp Seed Oil An excellent heart-healthy food, largely due to its sterols. Also contains tocopherols and phytols which reduces risk of heart disease and memory issues. Supports your immune system by promoting healthy intestinal flora. Anti-aging protection for skin, hair and nails. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Ample DHA is fabulous for your eyes and brain. Anti-inflammatory reduces pain and red skin conditions A good portion of Hemp Seed Oil omega-6 fat is in the form of GLA  (gamma linoleic acid). Contains up to 5% pure GLA. Much higher concentration than any other plant. GLA has been shown...

    • Reduces Inflammation and Pain
    • Supports Your Heart and Brain
    • Good for Immunity and Digestion
  • Laminar (Mica) Powder

    Make Your Skin Glow

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Make Your Skin Glow

    Put a healthy glow on your skin by restoring your cellular water. Laminar (Mica) Powder is a magnificent treatment for many skin conditions that don't respond to other treatments. A marvelous restorative for virtually any condition. Use it when nothing else works. Has the capacity to energize water, and can be used on any area of your body. Is an accumulator of life force that restores vital fluids in your skin and other tissues. A wonderful hydration tool, the perfect finish to a facial with Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Powder. The Laminar Powder...

    • Supercharge Your Bath with just a teaspoon
    • Energize Your Skin Care Products, (cleansers, moisturizers, makeup)
    • Great on Cracked Feet and any other persistent skin problems
  • Laminar Crystals

    Make Your Own Energy Device that Lasts Forever

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Make Your Own Energy Device that Lasts Forever

    The Laminar Crystals collect life force energies that you can use to make your own energy device and Enhance water quality in drinks and food Restore Life Force in massage or aromatherapy oils Harmonize all living cells in your body Create awesome resting places for people or pets Get your Laminar Crystals in bulk for you to create your own energy...

    • Create Devices that Energize Your Water and Food
    • Build Your Own Energy Charger (pillow, sleeping mat or pet’s bed)
    • Build your own ceramics or orgone accumulators