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  • Neutralizer Gel 7X

    Super Concentrated Alkalizing Supplement

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     By: Miracle II
    Super Concentrated Alkalizing Supplement

    Neutralizer Gel 7X can accelerate healing and repair of skin tissue that has become red, swollen, itchy - bites, stings, poison ivy, and burns. Acidity that can be reduced by this alkalizing gel is associated with swelling, redness, pain, and heat. You can put it on your toe nail, or your sun burn, on your gums, or you scuffs. By supporting the healthy tissue balance, it can eliminate fever blisters, warts, moles, skin tags, stretch marks, and scars. Neutralizer Gel 7X is also wonderful as an aftershave lotion or tooth paste. Excellent for use...

    • Invaluable First-Aid Tool – You need it IN your cabinet
    • Burns, bites, allergic reactions, scuffs – reduce redness and swelling
    • Apply to your gums regularly and restore optimal dental health