Aging & Rejuvenation

Now you can age backwards with these anti-aging secrets!
- Start your day right. Overall, you can increase your energy with high octane Exsula Superfood Blends.
- Improve your cells ability to heal. Try our Microbiome Repair Kit because enhancing cellular communication also means deep-repair.
- Manage weight by eating for your Metabolic Type.
- Cleanse and detoxify – with GaiaThera Deutoxycell.
- Feel more youthful by restoring your cells with Rejuvelon. You can also reduce oxidative stress with GaiaThera Intense C60 and Quicksilver H2 Elite.
- Renew your skin with Skin Sorcery Hyaluronic Acid complex.

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  • Sagenol

    Speed Healing Both Internally and Externally

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    By: North American Herb & Spice
    Speed Healing Both Internally and Externally
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    Anti-aging is the most valuable aspect of Sage Oil - used extensively in anti-aging and skin care products because it's antioxidant properties slow down aging and prevents symptoms (wrinkles, sagging skin and muscles, reduced vision and hearing, declining brain functions and nervous disorders).Research shows that Sagenol has three times more antioxidant power than vitamin E Speeds healing of wounds and helps eliminate scars, even those left by boils, pox and sores Stimulates your brain, nervous system, liver, spleen, circulatory and excretory systems - this activates and optimizes their functions...

    • Antiseptic to Speed Healing
    • Aids Digestion
    • Delicious Seasoning for Food
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