Brain and Memory

Most people think that Brain and Memory functions decrease with age. Becoming more forgetful can be from a specific nutritional deficiency. These supplements can help if you have trouble learning new things. Or cannot recall where you put things. Decreased brain functions can also be caused by chronic inflammation or rising toxicity. Also from allergic reactions to ingested or inhaled irritants. These supplement can help:

  • Enhance your overall brain health, memory and concentration. Increase your clarity, focus and attention, prevent memory loss and help nerve synapses.
  • Supercharge your brain with adequate brain food.
  • Oxygenate your pineal and pituitary glands.
  • Repair DNA and regrow brain cells.
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  • Renova Lightning One

    Lightning One

    Nutrients Help Improve Mental Health

    $1.40 Cashback
     By: Renova
    Nutrients Help Improve Mental Health

    Lightning One is an ultra-high concentration of Lightning. Mental health supplement for your brain and nerves. You need only one cap/day. Provides a steady release of micronutrients that lasts all day long. Get the ability to cope with all that life throws at you. Here's what people are saying it helps with: Improves memory and concentration Lifts brain performance Balances moods Decreases stress Better sleep and more energy Overall feeling of wellness. 23+ Years of Success Hundreds of thousands of happy customers! Revolutionary delivery system to feel results much faster. Often after...

    • Supports Mood Stability
    • Helps Improve Memory and Concentration
    • May Lower Stress, Better Sleep and Energy
  • Andreas See Oils Organic Chia Seed Oil 7 fl. oz

    Chia Seed Oil

    Anti-aging and Delicious

    $0.55 Cashback
     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Anti-aging and Delicious

    Chia Seed Oil Versatile in your kitchen Great for skin hydration May reduce fine lines and wrinkles Promotes smooth, shiny hair Supports heart and brain health. "Chia" means strength. Ancient Mesoamerican cultures ate these seeds to boost energy. Great source of essential fats. Your body cannot make them. You must get them from...

    • Versatile in Your Kitchen
    • Excellent Hydration for Skin and Hair
    • Promotes Heart and Brain Health
  • Andreas Hemp Seed Oil 7 fl. oz. 207mL

    Hemp Seed Oil

    Superior Source of Healthy Fats

    $0.49 Cashback
     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Superior Source of Healthy Fats

    Hemp Seed Oil An excellent heart-healthy food, largely due to its sterols. Supports your immune system by promoting healthy intestinal flora. Anti-aging protection for skin, hair and nails. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Ample DHA is fabulous for your eyes and brain. Anti-inflammatory effects may reduce pain and red skin conditions. May reduce risk of heart disease and memory issues. A good portion of Hemp Seed Oil omega-6 fat is in the form of GLA  (gamma linoleic acid). Contains up to 5% pure GLA. Much higher concentration than any other plant. GLA...

    • May Reduce Inflammation and Pain
    • Support Your Heart and Brain
    • Good for Immunity and Digestion