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Ionic Mineral Supplement
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  • Promotes Strong Bones and Teeth
  • Helps Cartilage Flexibility
  • Conserves Calcium and Magnesium in Bones

Ionic Mineral Supplement


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CR Supplements, BoronCR Supplements, Boron


Boron Supports:

  • Both short and long-term memory
  • Good energy levels
  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Soft and flexible cartilage
  • Conservation of calcium and magnesium in bones
  • Healthy estradiol and testosterone levels.

This mineral supports bone metabolism and healthy bone calcification. In turn, this support affects calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels. Both in and outside of bones.

The amount of calcium and magnesium that your body gets rid of will increase if Boron is lacking. A lack of Boron can make your body think there’s an excess of calcium and magnesium. The perceived excess may get eliminated, leaving a deficiency of calcium and magnesium.

Boron works with estrogen to keep your bones healthy. Together they help change Vitamin D into the active form that’s necessary for calcium absorption.

Boron 20 +/- ppm

Contains NO:
Soy, gluten, GMOs, preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, stabilizers, yeast, meat, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, plants, grains, coloring.

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (5ml)
Calories: 0
Boron: 0.1mg

Vegan and Hypoallergenic. Kosher of America approved. PAREVE certified.

Directions for Use

Adults take 1 teaspoon (5ml) daily
Children under 4 take 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily (1.2 ml to 2.5 ml) or as directed by your health care professional.


  • Proper storage will protect your health investment.
  • Keep in original container.
  • DO NOT drink directly from the container
  • Store upright and moderate temperature. Refrigeration is not required.
  • If you need to store on a concrete floor, use a couple layers of cardboard under the containers.
  • Store away from microwaves, refrigerators, high voltage electrical currents and direct sunlight.

Recommended Use

Boron supports strong bones and teeth, flexible cartilage, good energy, Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium.

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