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Ionic Mineral Supplement
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  • Normalize Blood Sugar and Insulin
  • Healthy Heart and Vascular System
  • Not Easily Absorbed, Yet Necessary

Ionic Mineral Supplement


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Chromium ionic mineralChromium ionic mineral

Chromium Supports:

  • Normal blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Healthy heart and vascular system
  • Exercise, because it uses fatty acids, and your liver uses Chromium to make fatty acids from stored glucose.

Chromium is not easily absorbed by your body. More mature people cannot store as much as younger people can. Yet it’s a necessary mineral.

When you’re deficient in Chromium, your body has to pull it from storage. It enables your body to process refined starches and carbohydrates that you eat. Turns them into energy. Most people eat plenty of refined sugars and grains (starches and carbohydrates). This quickly uses your stores of this mineral.

Further to that, this mineral has been removed from food (starches and carbohydrates). Supplementation is necessary for health. To turn starches and carbohydrates into energy. And more.

Chromium helps move proteins to where your body needs them. Consequently this influences the metabolism of amino acids. That are critical for growth and repair.

Chromium supports both the liver and energy for movement. It can influence body weight because it stimulates the enzymes that use glucose stores for energy. Exercise uses energy from fatty acids. The liver makes fatty acids in the presence of Chromium from glucose stores. Therefore exercise and other activities requiring the use of glucose stores and energy from them can affect Chromium levels.

Chromium supports insulin function.  It may also help with daily anxiety and occasional fatigue.

Chromium is stored mainly in your kidneys, spleen and testes. Your heart, lungs, pancreas and brain contain trace amounts.

Reverse osmosis water and 50 (+/-) ppm water-soluble ionic Chromium.

Contains NO:
Soy, gluten, GMOs, preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, stabilizers, yeast, meat, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, plants, grains, coloring.

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (5ml)
Calories: 0
Chromium: 0.25mg  (125% daily value based on 200 calorie diet)

Vegan and Hypoallergenic. Kosher of America approved. PAREVE certified.

Directions for Use

Adults take 1 teaspoon (5ml) daily.
Children under 4 take 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily (1.2 ml to 2.5 ml) or as directed by your health care professional.

Do not mix with other supplements.

Consult a physician before taking.


  • Refrigeration is not required.
  • Store in a cool, dark place away from children.
  • For long term storage, do not leave on concrete.

Recommended Use

Normal blood sugar and insulin levels. Healthy heart and vascular system. Not easily absorbed by your body. More mature people cannot store as much as younger people can. Yet it’s a necessary mineral.

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Chromium, a trace mineral, is essential to the body’s production of insulin.

Scientific References: Minerals

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