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Minerals, Enzymes and Amino Acids
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  • Helps Oxygenate and Feed Your Cells
  • May Increase Energy
  • Cleanse and Tune-Up Your Body

Minerals, Enzymes and Amino Acids


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FiveProvide ElectroLife

Provides natural detoxification and elimination.

This may dramatically boost your energy, concentration, and immunity.  It helps kill bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites without harming beneficial microorganisms (probiotics). Also helps normalize your pH.

A living compound containing over 85 Dynamic minerals combined with 16 trace metabolic enzymes, 18 trace amino-acids, electrolytes, dissolved oxygen & hydrogen.

This nutritional supplement supports increased oxygen, free-radical removal and nutrient absorption. It escorts a film of water into the air sacks of the lungs thereby helping the lungs to completely exhale. It generates and delivers oxygen in the body as needed. It has the ability to do all of this, through a humic/fulvic delivery system that can deliver it into each cell.

When mixed with water or juice it may weaken the bonds of the water molecule and releases oxygen and hydrogen directly into the body and keeps doing this in a chain reaction for up to 3 days after each serving.

FiveProvide ElectroLife enhances the bioavailability of other supplements as much as 3-5 times taken in the same 24 hour period. Its oxygen is negatively charged and no free radicals are produced; rather, the negatively charged oxygen will bond with free radicals and convert them to safe, stabilized oxygen molecules. It is also a di-base formula, which means it will normalize pH in the body, for many this means alkalizing our usually overly acidic bodies.

We know that aerobic exercise is so very important for good health. Yet even when we exercise regularly (and most Americans do not), we are not getting optimum levels of oxygen into our bodies. This is because we live in an increasingly oxygen-deficient environment filled with chemicals, exhaust fumes, industrial emissions, and burned fossil fuels.

Not so long ago, scientists analyzed the oxygen content of air bubbles trapped in ice-core drillings in Antarctica, they found that the earth’s atmosphere was comprised of 38 to 50% oxygen. Over the years, increasing pollution, mass destruction of the rain forests, and the reduction of other natural producers of oxygen have decreased the level of oxygen in our atmosphere from above 38% to below 20%, especially in highly populated industrialized areas.

ElectroLife Provides an unsurpassed oxygenating source and nutritional delivery system, to every cell of your body.

It is capable of holding its components in a saturated aqueous solution and delivering them to all your cells. A unique time-release delivery system ensures that fresh oxygen is created when ElectroLife is mixed with water or juice, and the vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed by your body at the cellular level.


ElectroLife enables nascent oxygen to be generated by the splitting of water molecules in your body, into atoms of nascent oxygen and hydrogen.

Nascent means newly born, and in biochemical terms it means a newly born singlet atom of oxygen is negatively charged (O-).

Free radicals (which are the primary cause of the aging process and degenerative disease) are positively charged singlet atoms of oxygen (O+). The nascent oxygen atom (O-) is attracted to the (O+), forming a molecule of pure oxygen (O2) at cellular level where it is needed, for processes such as cleansing the cells (e.g. combining with a single carbon atom to form carbon dioxide (CO2) which is expelled through the respiratory system).

8 Health Benefits of ElectroLife:

1. ElectroLife is made up of 3.5% body friendly sulfur. Also provides oxygen, hydrogen, metabolic enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It can support detoxification of the bowels and all body cells in time.

2. ElectroLife is derived from only the purest natural organic sources, including the clean southern seas and sea vegetation between New Zealand and Antarctica, fossilized plant from virgin earth and mineral springs.

3. ElectroLife uses a unique process developed in the 1950’s. When mixed with water or juice, it literally weakens the bonds of the water molecule, separating the oxygen from the hydrogen, releasing oxygen and hydrogen directly into the body – and keeps doing this in a chain reaction using the body’s own moisture, for up to 3 days after each serving. This means that superior levels of cellular detoxification are supported by ElectroLife.

4. The result of the oxygen, hydrogen and nutrient-delivering capacities of ElectroLife is a dramatic boost in energy and concentration levels, as well as an ongoing support for strengthening of the immune system.

5. ElectroLife rapidly kills infectious bacteria, viri, fungi and parasites – without harming beneficial microorganisms needed by the body.

6. ElectroLife greatly enhances the bio-availability of any other supplements (sometimes even as much as 3-5 times) taken in the same 24 hour period. It also enhances the absorption of pharmaceutical medications. There are no substances not compatible with ElectroLife.

7. ElectroLife oxygen release is negatively charged, and time released in chain reaction, and so no free radicals are produced. In fact, the negatively-charged oxygen molecules released by ElectroLife will bond with any free radicals (which are often created by other ‘oxygen products’) that are present in the body – and convert them to safe, stabilized oxygen molecules.

8. ElectroLife is a di-base formula, which means that it will normalize pH levels in the body. If a body is highly acid (which most are) the ElectroLife will alkalize it, bringing it into balance.

92.89 % Ionized Water
6.3% Deuterium Sulfate
0.81% Organic Sulfur Compounds
78 Minerals
34 Enzymes
17 Amino Acids

Proprietary ionic formula containing:

  • dissolved oxygen
  • electrolytes
  • 78 ionic minerals
  • 34 enzymes
  • 17 amino acids.

From the finest all-natural plant sources.

Enhanced Oxygen

Oxygen is vital to the healthy functioning of your body. It fuels all systems, fires chemical reactions, and eliminates your toxic waste.

Deuterium Sulfate enhances the critical bioavailability of oxygen to your body through its unique ability to “dissociate” water molecules within your body, resulting in the release of abundant nascent oxygen and hydrogen, directly to your cells.

Trace Minerals

Actinium Chromium Holmium Neodymium Promethium Technetium
Antimony Cobalt Hydrogen Neon Rhenium Tellurium
Argon Copper Indium Nickel Rhodium Terbium
Astatine Dysprosium Iodine Niobium Rubidium Thallium
Barium Erbium Iridium Nitrogen Ruthenium Thorium
Berylium Europium Iron Osmium Samarium Tin
Bismuth Fluorine Krypton Oxygen Selenium Titanium
Boron Gadolinium Lanthanum Palladium Silica Tungsten
Bromine Gallium Lithium Phosphorous Silicon Vanadium
Calcium Germanium Lutetium Platinum Silver Xenon
Carbon Gold Magnesium Polonium Sodium Ytterbium
Cerium Hafnium Manganese Potassium Sulfur Zinc
Cesium Helium Molybdenum Praseodymium Tantalum Zirconium

Metabolic Enzymes

Hydrolases, Carbohydrases: Maltase, Sucrase, Emulsin.

Nucleases: Polynucleotidase, Nucleotidase.

Hydrases: Fumarase, Enolase.

Peptidases: Aminopolypeptidase, Dipeptidase, Prolinase.

Esterases: Lipase, Phosphotase, Sulfatase.

Copper Enzymes: Tyrosinase, Ascorbic Acid, Oxidase.

Iron Enzymes: Catalase, Cytochrome oxidase, Peroxidase.

Enzymes containing coenzymes 1 and/or 2: Lactic Dehydrogenase, Robison Ester Dehydrogenase.

Enzymes which reduce cytochrome: Succinic Dehydrogenase.

Yellow Enzymes: Warburg’s Old Yellow Enzymes, Diaphorase, Haas Enzyme, Cytochrome C reductase.

Amidase: Urease.

Mutases: Aldehyde Mutase, Glyoxalase.

Desmolases: Zymohexase, Carboxylase.

Other Enzymes

Phosphorylase, Phosphohexisomerase, Hexokinase, Phosphoglumutase

Amino Acids

Alanine Glycine Phenylalanine Tyrosine
Arginine Histidine Proline Valine
Aspartic Acid Isoleucine Serine
Cystine Lysine Threonine
Glutamic Acid Methionine Tryptophan


Electrolytes support the healthy electrical integrity of your body’s natural colloidal systems, including the blood itself. They impart a negative charge to the red blood cells, separating them to restore their maximum functioning.

Directions for Use

Adults take 8 drops in 8 ounces of energized, purified or distilled water or juice, 3 times per day, or during stress or physical activity.

Best taken between meals (at least 15 minutes before or 1 hour after).

You might like to mix one day’s amount in a water bottle and sip throughout the day.

Each 1 ounce bottle contains 90 servings of 8 drops each, or 720 drops.

Detoxification… you may experience a cleansing or detoxification response. If so, try taking half the dose, increasing gradually to resume full dosage. Avoid contact with your eyes. Rinse with water if dropped in the eyes. Use carefully over any surfaces and materials when undiluted, as it contains organic enzymes.

Recommended Use

Mmay boost energy, concentration and immunity. Helps kill bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites (not probiotics). Also helps normalize your pH.

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