Throat Chakra ORMUS

Supports Effective Communication
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  • Helps True Expression, Honestly and Openly
  • Creatively Communicate Your Deepest Desires
  • Speak From Your Heart

Supports Effective Communication


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Ormus Oils Throat Chakra ORMUSOrmus Oils Throat Chakra ORMUS


When your Throat Chakra is unbalanced, you may be too talkative and less than truthful, or timid and unable to express yourself and your needs.

ORMUS Oils and Lotions
Both allow for the absorption of ORMUS through the skin directly into the bloodstream to be circulated where it is needed most. Choose your preference.

ORMUS Mists are aromatherapy sprays, energized with ORMUS to harmonize your energetic bodies. These are vibrational remedies,based on the concept that we are energetic beings, and when our energies become unbalanced, all levels of our lives are affects. ORMUS Mists help rebalance your energies and raise your vibration, to be your highest self and live your best life.

About the Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

The Throat Chakra is located in the neck, its color is sky blue, its element is the Aether, and it rules our sense of hearing. The Throat Chakra is the center of communication, self-expression, and creativity. Its highest function is listening to our Highest Self and communicating our Truth to others, expressing our True Selves honestly and openly. This chakra urges us to find our True Self, communicate it through our creativity, and use the creative force of our higher emotions to move our consciousness into the higher dimensions. And just as we need to learn to listen to our Higher Self, we must also learn to listen to others. Through the Throat Chakra, we learn how to direct and express our creative force in all areas of our life, manifesting what we desire through our Word.

When the Throat Chakra is clear and in balance, we are good communicators, speaking honestly and from the heart, as well as being good listeners. We are able to ask for what we want/need from others. We are able to express ourselves uniquely and creatively. Our relationships are based on truthful communication and true intimacy. The God/Goddess in you connects with the God/Goddess in others.

When the Throat Chakra is unbalanced by excessive energy, we may be too talkative, demanding, speak too loud, and be less than truthful. When the Throat Chakra is blocked, we may be timid and shy, unable to express ourselves and unable to ask for what we need. We may believe that we are not creative and we may seem boring or bored to others. We may feel uninspired and disconnected from Spirit. Because we may not be able to express ourselves and ask for what we need, we may feel very frustrated and powerless.

In addition to the chakra clearing and balancing meditation, there are several ways that you can focus your energy and intention on balancing and clearing the Throat Chakra. Carry or wear turquoise, blue topaz, aquamarine, or chalcedony gemstones. Begin a meditation practice so that you can learn to still the mind so that you can hear and connect with your Higher Self and your guides. Use mantras. Spend time singing, chanting, or toning. Find ways to express yourself creatively, in whatever way you feel called. Intend to truly listen to yourself and others, and to only speak your Truth. It is the ability to go inside to connect with our inner guidance before we communicate with another that creates true intimacy because it is based on our deepest inner truth.

Base of grapeseed oil, a light oil that is naturally high in ORMUS, and then are enhanced with ORMUS through alchemical processes.

The specific essential oil blends are then added to create focused ORMUS Oils with that extra level of intention and resonance to balance and clear the Chakra.

Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend:
lavender, frankincense, rose geranium, tea tree, petigrain.

ORMUS Oil and Lotion

Combines ORMUS with special Essential Oil blends (for targeted benefits), then infused into a carrier oil or moisturizing lotion base, for optimal transdermal absorption.  Provides an extra level of vibratory energy that can charge and direct the ORMUS for specific outcomes.

Grapeseed Oil is an excellent carrier oil for ORMUS – naturally high in m-Rhodium and m-Iridium (healing ORMUS minerals). Aids in collagen production and keeps cell membranes healthy. Also high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Olive Oil is highly compatible with our skin and is an excellent moisturizer. Aids in skin cell regeneration and cell membrane repair. Rich in polyphenols for anti-aging and skin healing. Excellent source of vitamins A, D, K, and E.

Enriched with Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Argan Oils – luxurious lotion base in all ORMUS Lotions. Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier, restoring beauty and radiance.

Contains water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise its vibrational energy, ORMUS from Dead Sea Gold Manna, and custom essential oil blends to set the specific intention of each ORMUS Mist formula.

Directions for Use

Anoint the area of the corresponding chakra with 1-3 drops of the appropriate Chakra ORMUS Oil or Lotion, while doing the “Chakra Balancing and Clearing Meditation”.

You can anoint all seven chakras at once according to the meditation provided or, if you feel particularly unbalanced in one chakra, you can just concentrate on balancing and clearing that one chakra for as long as needed using either the oil or lotion.

ORMUS Oil and Lotion
Apply ORMUS Oils and Lotions anywhere on your skin where needed most. The ORMUS and essential oils are absorbed into, and circulated throughout, the physical and energetic bodies to do their work.

Good for all skin types, absorbs easily (not greasy or sticky). Leaves skin silky and nourished.

Shake gently before using.
Spray ORMUS Mist in an arc around yourself and your personal energy space.
Can also be sprayed in your room (to negative and unwanted energies) and set your intention for the space.

Recommended Use

Helps balance your Throat Chakra that influences your ability to effectively communicate thoughts, feeling, desires, and needs, as well as your ability to effectively listen to and understand others.


Perfectly safe, but please avoid your eyes.

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