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Mushroom Coffee Substitute
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  • Pleasant Coffee-like Taste
  • Lasting Energy
  • Promotes Calm Mental Focus

Mushroom Coffee Substitute


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RDT Herbs, SpiritcinoRDT Herbs, Spiritcino


Spiritcino is a sophisticated and effective coffee substitute. This herbal formula helps to peacefully supercharge your day.

Help to avoid adrenal stimulants.

After a morning cup of Spiritcino, you may feel the stress recede into peaceful empowerment.

Charge your day charged with solid enduring energy. Not frantic jittery-ness.

Wonderful mid-day drink, hot or cold.

Ingredients are combined to create synergy for effectiveness. Renowned for many centuries, benefits are well documented.

  • Rhodiola crenulata benefits adrenal  glands
  • Lion’s mane mushroom helps increase focus
  • Reishi is known to help release anxiety
  • Ho sho wu is thought to reverse grey hair.

These herbs work harmoniously with the other ingredients.

Coconut milk powder, Dandylion root powder, Cacao, Monkfruit, Gelatinized maca, Reishi (fruiting body only), Lion’s mane (fruiting body only), Ho sho wu, Rhodiola.

NO added fillers or excipients.

10:1 powdered extract processed with hot water/flash air-dry extraction.

Ordered frequently in very small batches, ensuring freshness.

Approximately 30 servings/bag.

Directions for Use

Add about one tablespoon into a cup of hot water.

Add creamer and sweetener to taste.

You may mix into smoothies or coffee.

Recommended Use

Sophisticated and effective coffee substitute that helps peacefully supercharge your day, avoiding adrenal stimulants.

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