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Best Berries For Healthy Recipes

Every few years (or is it months?) we hear about the next nutrient that is going to save the world, or at least either save your life, make you live forever, or prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or some other catastrophic illness. There probably is something to it. There are plenty of studies that confirm the healing properties of any one specific plant that we choose to study, or any one concentrated nutrient extracted from it. Plants are amazing, they concentrate nutrients in their seeds, flowers, leaves, and stems, especially those grown biodynamically, in the wild, or at least without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

So which are the best berries for healthy recipes? All of them, really. The most accessible ones are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and even some more exotic ones like goji, noni, mulberry, cacao, coffee, mangosteen, acai, camu have gained some recognition. There are important nutrients in plants grown in high altitude or in other harsh environments that are not available in other ways. These exotic foods have potent health-supporting effects, and should be used to prevent aging or to improve performance.

Fruits and berries are especially valuable for their pigments, the yellow, red, purple and blue, and all the colors of the rainbow. They are really good at protection you from excessive oxidative damage we call it aging and that makes them excellent anti-aging, or rejuvenating agents. Our industrial agriculture has reduced the number of available species and varieties to just a few that are available in the grocery stores. Take a look at what we have available in our store high grade berries for healthy recipes especially smoothies.

Author: Life Enthusiast