Prescription Drugs

Nicotine Pouches and Other NRTs

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Book: Worst Pills, Best Pills

A Consumer’s Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Death or Illness Read More

Herbs or Drugs?

Were we designed to eat plants, or were we designed to take isolated compounds from a lab… Read More

Nutritional Medicine Instead of Pharmaceutical

Say NO to drugs and YES to something else. That something else should be targeted nutrition… Read More

Propaganda Battles

Mixing facts with fiction to protect the status quo, or at least not harm the reputation of big pharmaceutical companies… Read More

Cholesterol Con – Where were the doctors?

Researchers are questioning the bedrock assumption that high levels of “bad cholesterol” cause heart disease… Read More

Dollars for Docs: How Industry Dollars Reached Your Doctors

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Vioxx Whistleblower: FDA Exposed

This interview contains jaw-dropping insights about the corruption and crimes that take place every day inside the Food and Drug Administration. Read More

Vioxx Lawsuit

The jury found the giant pharmaceutical firm Merck and Co. liable for the death of a man who took the once-popular painkiller. Read More

Laws of the Pharma Industry

The corporate hierarchy flows like this: oil, chemicals then pharmaceuticals – all three poison us and our environment… Read More

Drugs Are Profitable

We obtained the actual price of active ingredients used in some of the most popular drugs sold in America… Read More

Drug Reactions and Death

Adverse drug events (ADE) are estimated to injure or kill more than 770,000 patients in hospitals annually… Read More