Choose The Right Antioxidant

Antioxidants defend human body cells by neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals, a byproduct of cell metabolism. Free radicals form when oxygen is metabolized, or burned, by the body. Free radicals disrupt the structure of other molecules, causing cellular damage. This cell damage is believed to contribute to aging and various health problems. Some well-known antioxidants include compounds normally present in food such as Vitamin E, beta-carotene, the carotenoids, Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium. Antioxidants retard oxidation and are sometimes added to meat and poultry products to prevent or slow oxidative rancidity of fats that cause browning.

Antioxidants prevent free radical damage to critical DNA in every cell of the human body. “By controlling free radicals, antioxidants can make the difference between life and death, as well as influence how fast and how well we age.” Their role in the human body is nothing less than miraculous,” says Lester Packer, Ph.D., in The Antioxidant Miracle. Dr. Packer is regarded as the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist. He is Director of Packer Lab at the University of California at Berkeley, and a senior scientist at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Antioxidants are Important

Antioxidants are key contributor to healthy and longevity. In his book, The Super Antioxidants, James Balch, M.D., writes “The antioxidant network: Keeps your body youthful; Bolsters your natural defenses against cancer; Prevents and even reverses heart disease; Sharpens your mental edge… Long term use of antioxidants is recommended.” This is not a “quick fix” but part of a lifestyle change: a commitment with a perseverant attitude toward safeguarding and enhancing your” system.” James Balch, MD, is co-author of more than four books and has sold over three million copies of the popular “Prescription for Nutritional Healing.”

Where Do Antioxidants Come From?

The body normally gets antioxidants from raw foods and pure water sources. Processed foods, excess sugar or alcohol, pollution, stress, pesticides, and other factors in daily life help to create more free radicals than the body can handle and reduce the total available amount of antioxidants.

How Do MegaH and MegaHydrate Differ From Other Antioxidants?

MegaH is the most powerful antioxidants known. MegaH is a dietary supplement made exclusively by Phi Sciences. Its main active ingredient, Silica Hydride, contains ionized hydrogen. Negatively-charged ionized hydrogen contains an extra electron that is microencapsulated using a nanotechnology called Microclusters. MegaHydrate contains the same amount of Silica Hydride as MegaH plus 50% more Microclusters and has the same antioxidant capacity as MegaH.

Comparing the effectiveness of the Silica Hydride in MegaH on free radicals versus other natural, and even synthetic, antioxidant compounds clearly shows that Silica Hydride is 800% more effective than other known products or foods. Published research conducted at prestigious universities validates that the unique formulation and chemistry of Silica Hydride Microclusters in MegaH and MegaHydrate are safe and contain no toxic byproducts.

Why Is The Ionized Hydrogen and Silica Hydride More Effective and Safer Than All Other Antioxidants?

Scientific studies validate that ionized hydrogen delivered into the bloodstream is the most powerful free radical scavenger available. The problem with most antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, etc.) is becoming free radicals themselves after neutralizing other free radicals.

Silica Hydride has been tested for effectiveness against the most harmful and abundant free radicals including, but not limited to, singlet oxygen, super-oxide, and hydroxyl radicals. In all of the tests, Silica Hydride not only eliminated the free radicals by neutralizing them, but did not become a radical itself, and did not create a toxic environment. The byproduct of most of reactions between Silica Hydride and a free radical is Hydrogen gas and water. Silica Hydride is the only antioxidant that does not become a free radical itself after neutralizing other free radicals.

What Is Phi Sciences?

Phi Sciences, founded by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, includes a group of doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, whose vision is to enhance the quality of human life through natural means. Phi Sciences mission is to improve human health through innovative adoption of valid breakthroughs in science and socially responsible business practices.

Who Is Dr. Patrick Flanagan?

Dr. Flanagan is credited with over 300 inventions and was named 1997 Scientist of the Year by the International Association for New Science. He also holds a patent pending on his process of manufacturing a delivery system for ionized hydrogen or H- in living systems and industrial processes. Dr. Flanagan holds advanced degrees in nanotechnology, chemistry, bio-sciences, and medicine. He currently lives in Northern California with his wife Stephanie.

What is the Flanagan Silica Microcluster?

The Flanagan silica Microcluster is a patented mineral that is the 241st form of silica discovered. Only a few angstroms wide (one ten billionth of a meter), the silica is in the shape of many small spheres clustered together. The main benefits of the silica Microcluster is that it makes wetter water, allowing greater detoxification and nutrient absorption. The silica Microcluster also balances pH, makes water taste fresher and ultimately increases hydration for better skin, more energy and a sharper mind. This form of silica Microcluster is special and unique because if its incredibly tiny size that allows the spherical configuration to expand and contract based on the pH of the surrounding fluid. The spheres capture toxins and allow the body to flush them safely. Due to poisoning of the environment, air, food and water, detoxification is more important than ever before in recorded human history.

What Is The Difference Between MegaH, MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy?

The basis of all three products, MegaH, MegaHydrate, and Crystal Energy, is Dr. Flanagan’s patented silica Microclusters which provide numerous features such as increased hydration, increased zeta potential of cells to clean the blood, alkalizing of blood, and detoxification. The benefits of silica Microclusters are increased energy, an enhanced immune system, pain relief, and a longer, healthier life. After developing the silica Microclusters, Dr. Flanagan found out a way to capture active hydrogen (or negatively ionized hydrogen) inside the silica. This is called silica hydride. Silica hydride provides the benefits of the plain silica Microclusters PLUS active hydrogen.

Due to the active hydrogen, silica hydride is now the most powerful antioxidant known. The benefits of powerful antioxidants are substantial. MegaH and MegaHydrate both have silica hydride, but MegaHydrate has 50% more silica Microclusters than MegaH. This means that MegaHydrate provides more hydration capacity than MegaH due to the increase of silica Microclusters used in it. However in terms of silica hydride, MegaH and MegaHydrate have the same antioxidant capacity per capsule. That means that both MegaH and MegaHydrate have the same amount of active hydrogen, but MegaHydrate is a more powerful hydrator.

As you can see from the chart below, all three products alkalize the body, but Crystal Energy assures that all the water you treat with it will alkalize your body (or move more acid if that is your body’s requirement). When taking MegaH or MegaHydrate, it only balances the pH of the water around the time you take the capsules. Plus if you have children, pets, or others you want to get the incredible health benefits of the silica Microclusters without having to take a capsule, Crystal Energy is a very convenient way to do that. The ideal program is to take either MegaH or MegaHydrate daily and add Crystal Energy to all your drinking water. Not only will the water taste great from Crystal Energy, but it will hydrate you to maximum benefit and get the antioxidant power of MegaH or MegaHydrate.

Produced by Phi Sciences and Dr. Flanagan MegaH previously MegaHydrin (capsule) MegaHydrate (capsule) Crystal Energy (fluid)
silica Microclusters YES YES
50% more than MegaH
Silica Hydride (or Microclusters
?with Negatively-Ionized Hydrogen)
Most Powerful Antioxidant YES YES NO
Increase ATP Production YES YES NO
Increases Hydration YES YES
best option
best option
Reduce Pain & Inflammation YES YES NO
Anti-Aging Properties YES YES YES
Increase Zeta Potential of Human Cells YES YES YES
Neutralizes Harmful Toxins like Fluoride, Chlorine, etc. YES
Converts Chromium 6
to safer Chromium 3
Converts Chromium 6
to safer Chromium 3
Increase Absorption of other Supplements YES YES YES
best option
Lowers surface tension of water you drink YES YES YES
best option
Balance pH or Alkalize the body YES YES YES
best option
Recommended Dosage with 8 oz of Water Two to Four Capsules a Day Two to Four Capsules a Day 8 drops every 8 oz of water


Author: Life Enthusiast Staff