Easy Sources of Essential Fats

Hemp oil provides an almost ideal essential fatty acid profile – and is easily available in the form of hemp nuts.

Essential Fatty acids are important to your health really important. The graph above illustrates the best sources of omega-3s are Hemp Seeds and Flax Seeds. Most every process in your body requires some. In a living cell you need to have a good mix of omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids to keep things running right. They are like the bricks, doors, and mortar of your cellular structures. EFAs put out internal inflammation caused by metabolic fires. If you want to look younger, feel younger and loose some weight, eat more essential fatty acids. We mixed the protein powder, and raw hemp seeds – they’re called Hemp Nuts to not confuse people, who may think they can grow something they could smoke. There is no opiate in this product, so don’t even bother. Flax Seeds whole food source of omega-3 EFAs, protein and gluten-free fiber. Promotes circulation, bowel regularity and a strong immune system. We have done direct testing, and can confirm that these products are excellent.

I have been making a smoothie every morning like this:

ZoeTein protein powder with some fruits, Hemp Seeds, Coconut Oil, a spoonful of Exsula Iridesca, one teaspoon of Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine all blended in Volixer Blender for a couple of minutes. This drink provides enough energy to last many hours! It is very refreshing and nourishing. I look forward to it every morning, and miss it on days when I have to be away from my kitchen.

I consider it my role to help you understand what helps you heal, and what causes you harm, and finding the best possible tools to accomplish three simple goals:

  1. maintain health
  2. rejuvenate damaged tissues
  3. and avoid future damage.

Simple, right? Most often an illness is not caused by a lack of some pharmaceutical drug. It is puzzling that we (the society) would develop a system that is trying to solve a problem of blocked energy (life-force) flow by disrupting proper body functioning with toxic chemicals. Wouldn’t you rather do the more logical thing and start dealing with the causes of a problem? That may mean changing some of your habits Especially how you think about your body and its health. Did I mention that you were supposed to treat it like a temple?

The Six Essential Questions Concerning Your Health:

  1. What you eat
  2. What you drink
  3. How you exercise
  4. How you rest
  5. What you breathe
  6. What you think
Author: Life Enthusiast