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Frankincense, Guggal and ORMUS

Frankincense, Guggal and ORMUS

Frankincense, Guggal and ORMUS


The Three Wise Men And Their Guggal?!? Guggal is the Myrrh of the Bibles Sacred formulas. Guggal is the resinous sap of a tough little ten foot tall tree that grows amongst the rocky hillsides of Indias least populated arid regions. The trees pink to brown flowers produce a small red fruit. Each tree yields only about one pound of Guggal resin per year, which then requires further reduction and purification to provide a standardized level of the most highly valued constituents. Its mention as treasure in the Bible is over 2,500 years old and its mention in ancient Ayurvedic texts goes back nearly as far. It too is an anti-inflammatory benefiting respiratory concerns and arthritis. Most interesting however, is how Guggal bolsters the thyroid, bringing this often sleepy organ closer to its full, vital, youthful efficiency, and enhancing your utilization of essential iodine – and creating a more youthful level of hormone production – LIFE.

Thyroid hormones are essential for turning couch – warming flab into productive energy at the potential net increased rate of one pound per week, until reaching the optimally youthful fat to muscle ratio, which your genetic blueprint specifies. Guggal is one of the most fascinating and complex herbals with dozens upon dozens of hyper-exotic phytonutrients. A small handful of these have been identified as the primarily active components, but when isolated from their vast and complex life-created phytonutrient matrix, they do not function as anticipated. Instead, the best material contains the full compliment of phytonutrients, pure and clean of extraneous material, and with the primary constituents developed to a standardized level.

As with all complex phytonutrient blends, Guggals beneficial results are diverse and far reaching. Guggal is a star among the Ayurvedic herbs as a catalyst of optimum lipid efficiency in the body. It positively impacts cholesterol as well as obesity – profoundly important when one considers the high tolls levied by cancer, heart disease and diabetes. There are of course no guarantees, however, a complete elimination of these three diseases alone would eliminate nearly 7 out of 8 causes of death and roughly the same percentage of disabilities. Guggal both slows the biosynthesis of cholesterol (your primary source) and facilitates excretion of excess cholesterol from the body.

Other components in Guggal inhibit platelet aggregation (synergistic to Lecithin, Garlic and Ginkgo…) resulting in improved efficiency of blood. This means you get better cellular oxygenation, better nutrient delivery, and better toxin removal. With better protecting against the hazards of aggregation there is less risk of stroke. Also understand that better oxygenation = better energy. Guggal is also typically supplemented where there are gynecological disorders, a sluggish immune system and fungal infestations. Guggals combination of enhanced energy, improved sense of well-being, and accommodation of a more youthful level of essential fatty acid utilization and hormone levels, have given Guggal a bit of a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Jevari Oberon

I know that a while ago someone posted on the possibility of ORMUS in Frankincense. Last night I built my first ever water trap with a friend of mine. It took us hours and we had to jury rig it because we couldn’t find all the “correct” parts, but all the time we were using some oils that had Frankincense and Myrrh in it. We had taken some Frankincense and Myrrh and ground it up in a mortar and put in some olive oil and spread it on the backs of our hands, the wrists, following the veins up the arm, and on the back of the neck and the forehead. I noticed a warmer feeling within minutes, and a light sense of intoxication a few more minutes later. This was the cleanest most enjoyable feeling that I have had in a long time, and it made me want to work on the trap more and more. I sat down with the old Dremel and started crafting. I was able to get so into the work, it was amazing,

I kept spreading the oils on the same parts after they had evaporated for most of the night. Now I have never taken ORMUS before this night, and I had no basis for comparison (until the next day and drinking some trap water); but I am sure that it helped us complete the trap swiftly and with greater craftsmanship than I usually exhibit. I roll my own cigarettes to save money, and while rolling one I noticed a remarkable increase in my dexterity, I was able to roll it PERFECTLY, and it burned long and smooth. The next morning I woke up and anointed the same parts of my body again and then went to the hose to check out the trap. Almost no tweaking was required, we used 18 magnets (rare earth from radio shack) in 2’s with 3 groups of 2 on each section, and 3 sections in total (the groups of 3 were all equidistant and aligned to the same pole).

Our ORMUS exit section was, unfortunately 1/4″ instead of 1/8″ and I think that and the missing polypropylene disks made the water slightly weaker than we had hoped, but we both verified the same feeling in the water that was in the Frankincense and Myrrh oils. I hope this interests some people. I would all go out and buy some Frankincense and Myrrh and try it. In addition to the buzz that I experienced, a few other things happened. With the oil my hands, arms and face all got a richer skin tone and became MUCH softer to the touch. I had cut myself while fashioning something out of wax (gotta love carving wax) pretty badly.

It was bleeding quite fast and I went to the bathroom to take care of the wound. By the time I had cleaned it out and went to put the band-aid on it, it was already done bleeding. I don’t mean it had a scab already, it was just that the bleeding suddenly stopped, and giving how vigorously it was coming out before I didn’t expect it to stop so soon (there was no plasma visible on the exterior as there often is with a wound, this was fixed internally). Me and my friend have no doubts that the Oils helped us and guided us with our little project, making our trap a very good one indeed (can’t wait to fix those 2 small errors and add a WHOLE lot more magnets). Thank you all for answering my silly questions as I did the research that I require before trying anything so radically new. Thank you for inviting me so graciously into your world.

My thanks and love goes out to all of you, Dan

It is interesting that you should propose the use of frankincense and myrrh in conjunction with ORMUS According to the Bible, Jesus was brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Glenda Green, the author of one of my favorite books, Love Without End – Jesus Speaks, has recently started making and selling a line of essential oils. One of them is called Christ Scent which, according to her web page, includes: “a proprietary blend of seven oils which include Frankincense for transcending all negativity, Myrrh for healing a wounded heart, Sandalwood for universality, sage for wisdom and purification.”

Perhaps she will incorporate ORMUS gold into it too. You can see her oils at

Barry Carter

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to hear of your experiences, as you are the only other person to confirm my experience with Frankincense. I’m puzzled what you used exactly? You said you ground up Frankincense and Myrrh and mixed it with olive oil? Did you use bark, incense, what? In as much as we think there may be a relationship to ORMUS, I am forwarding some additional information regarding Frankincense, biblical oils and interesting information about the chemical make-up of EO’s. Please note that phenols cleanse receptor sites and I’ve been experimenting with creating a ‘stop smoking’ blend. I’m looking for people who would be willing to pay a nominal price for the materials to try this blend out. Email me privately if you are interested.

Warmly, Sharon Rose

Author: Life Enthusiast

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