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Superfood Blends ~ Targeted, Powerhouse Nutrients

Dear Reader,

Most everyone knows that the better you eat, the healthier you’ll be. But who has time, on a regular basis, to prepare healthy snacks and meals?

If you want more nutrients in your diet, we have the perfect, quick solution.

Superfood Blends are an easy way to get maximum, targeted nutrients into your day – in just one small cup of water, juice or a smoothie.

I’ll bet you’re tired of hearing this, but…
When your body absorbs adequate nutrients, and efficiently eliminates toxins, your immune system is free to regain and maintain youthful health and energy.

Everyone Feels Better with a Superfood Blend

Whether you’re mostly sick in bed, a high performance athlete, or somewhere in between (like most of us), your performance will improve with a Superfood Blend.

  • Are you often tired?
  • Do you have unexplained aches?
  • Constipated? Bloated? Heartburn?
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol?
  • Do you feel overweight?
  • How’s your immune system working? Do you sometimes/often get sick?
  • Are you fighting cancer? Or have a family history of cancer?

Please take a look at these targeted, powerhouse Superfood Blends and choose one to suit your needs. We have something for everyone!

Advancium ~ Premium ~ Excela-50

All are formulated with only organic (or wildcrafted), responsibly farmed and low-temperature dried ingredients, to retain living enzymes.

All our Superfood Blends are Rich in Enzymes

Your enzyme levels decline with age, but consider the possibility that you age BECAUSE your enzyme levels decline…

Your health and energy level is like an enzyme bank account. People eating a typical processed food diet (low enzyme) are making mostly withdrawals – and very few deposits – until their life-energy (health) is overdrawn. Exsula Superfood Blends are created to enhance the deposit ledger of your life-energy account.

Increasing your enzyme intake is like drinking liquid youth.

First-timers often say their Superfood experience is the turning point toward hope, a nurturing, cleansing and rejuvenating experience.

For over 25 years, these life-enhancing Superfood blends continue to be unduplicated and unmatched in quality and performance – that translates into the best nutrition for your money – to help you feel better!

The labels do not not tell the whole story. The nutrition facts and ingredients cannot illustrate the transformative quality experienced from sustained daily use of Exsula Superfood Blends.


The Strongest,
Most Energizing Formula We Make

  • Perfect Immune Enhancer
  • Strength Building, both Physical and Mental
  • A Life-changing, Positive Turning Point

Advancium delivers a continuous stream of calm energy from essential nutrients that allow the unfolding of your full potential, and sustain you at being your best – physically and mentally.

A rich palette of anti-aging, cell restoring, immune supporting, toxin removing, tissue cleansing ingredients reveal a more creative, trimmer, happier and youthfully radiant person filled with joy.

By incorporating this powerful Superfood into your daily plan, you can create better results, regardless of whatever else you are (or are not yet) doing for your personal health.

Advancium is an invigorating daily youth tonic and energy drink. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in candy bars, soda or coffee.

Nutritional Support to Live Up to Your Potential!


Prevent or Recover from Cancer!
Focused on shutting-off cancer cells

Slow Down All Symptoms of Aging

Perfect for high performance lifestyles that demand repair from physical wear and tear.

Your cells will really Love this stuff!

Load up with nutrients. Feel a calm depth of genuine life energy, totally unlike the artificial rush triggered by caffeine or other stimulants.

Premium quenches your body’s thirst for nutrients that are missing in a typical processed food diet, and missing in common supplements too.

One component of Premium is EllagiPlex.
With its exact nutrients and potencies, you can feed and activate your natural mechanisms to kill precancerous and cancerous cells – without the harsh tools of toxic chemicals, killer radiation and scalpels.

Science has proven that free radicals are responsible for mutated cell growth, the cause of much ill health, from common symptoms of aging, all the way to potentially terminal cancerous diseases. Free radical reproduction can be slowed or even stopped with EllagiPlex alone, or in the full spectrum Superfood Blend Premium.

Premium has profound yet gentle cleansing abilities that will not stir up more toxins than your body can reasonably manage with the nutritional support within.

Premium for Cancer…
“I wish I knew about this product a year ago, I lost one dog to breast cancer. When my other dog came down with breast cancer, I looked for a natural solution and found you! The tumor was the size of an egg when we got EllagiPlex. It only took one bottle, and the cancer is GONE! There is no tumor left, and our dog is doing great. If you want to talk to me about this, call me at (504) 464-4182.” ~ Robert

Premium for Athletic Performance…
“With Exsula I have already swum, biked and run further and faster than anyone my age has done in the past. With Exsula I believe I can continue to surpass my own records on into the future.” ~ James R. Ward (At age 74, long time Exsula enthusiast James Ward set a record as the oldest finisher ever of the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon.)


This is a beginner formula for

  1. Fist time users (young and elderly)
  2. Anyone in a fragile state of health (in chemotherapy)
  3. Pets

Mild and Peacefully Energizing

Each bottle of Excela-50 delivers a vast improvement over the fruits and vegetables in your grocery store.

Make this baseline Superfood part of your daily routine and you will have more energy and enthusiasm for life!

Read what people are saying about Exsula Superfood Blends…

Most people who read Life-Enthusiast Newsletters are quite familiar with Exsula Superfoods because they’ve tried, seen and felt the difference this potent nutrition makes to their health.

“I have a compromised digestive system (from surgically removed ileocecal valve and 1/3 of my large bowel), and must frequently eat very small amounts of food. Twice recently, I ate too much delicious food, felt uncomfortable, and that would cause me pain in a few hours. Since Excela-50 is loaded with enzymes, I thought that a dose might improve my digestion, so I drank a heaping tablespoon in juice. Lo and Behold, I forgot about all the discomfort, as it completely disappeared. Thank-You Exsula!” ~ Ann-Louise Evanoff, Editor at Life-Enthusiast (Since this review some time ago, Exsula introduced Strata-Flora and Ann-Louise has been thriving on it… targeting and greatly improving her compromised digestive system – and loving the ski slopes!)

“I’ve been involved with the Exsula products and business since its earliest days. After our brief introduction, Jevari, the creator of the product line, suggested he mix us a drink of his special blend, the flagship product he called Excela-50. Within minutes before a dozen witnesses, my body manifested a Euphoria clearly visible in a pronounced highlighting of the coloring of my face and eyes, and resembling a high from a profound meditative experience.” ~ Darren Beddard

“My husband and I have been using the Excela-50 for about a month now. We both feel that our energy level and general well-being have increased as a result. We are grateful!” ~ Susan Goldman

“I have been making a orange juice and banana and Advancium smoothie first thing in the morning off and on for about twenty years. I feel that it is a simple key to getting the nutrients my body needs for health and longevity, especially micronutrients such as CoQ10 which I believe has helped compensate for my congenital heart issue and atrial fibrillation. I am almost 63 with congenital heart problems and other issues from a near-fatal accident 5 years ago, yet I still play basketball and volleyball, and people generally think I’m at least ten years younger than my age. I think Advancium has been an important component of my lifestyle that has allowed for such results.” ~ Richard Houghton

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Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela