Magnesium and Your Heart Health

There is an unorthodox and not very well known way to prevent and treat heart disease, including angina and irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). Without adequate levels of Magnesium, your heart will suffer. This mineral helps coordinate the activity of the heart muscle, as well as the functioning of the nerves that initiate the heartbeat. It also helps keep coronary arteries from spasming, an action that can cause the intense chest pain known as angina. If you have a deficiency of Magnesium which is likely true of those with angina and abnormal heart rhythms supplementing with magnesium may help.

In a recent study of more than 230 people with frequent arrhythmias, the likelihood of these abnormal rhythms dropped significantly within three weeks after the participants increased the amount of magnesium and potassium in their diets. In addition, when given by injection in a hospital setting, magnesium has been found to aid recovery from a heart attack by stabilizing heart rhythm, inhibiting blood clots and expanding coronary arteries. Some studies even indicate that drinking hard water, which is high in magnesium, lowers the risk of death from heart attack.

Magnesium is tricky to supplement. If you try taking it orally at therapeutic levels, you end up with loose (very loose) bowels. That may be a good thing for people suffering with constipation, but for most regular folks it is impossible to ingest adequate levels.

But there is another way to get the magnesium you need and thats with Transdermal delivery through your skin.

We have a method that changes water structure so that it penetrates skin rather well, and delivers its benefits directly to the body fluids inside. This has a secondary benefit, because this delivery does not burden your kidneys. Many researchers have written about this, including Norman Shealy, Walter Last, Mark Sircus, Carolyn Dean and others. Their articles are posted on Life Enthusiasts Magnesium Supplementation pages. If you are experiencing angina pains, or irregular heart beats, you will most likely benefit from Magnesium Supplementation. It is amazingly effective and shockingly affordable, especially in contrast with prescription medicines.

Author: Life Enthusiast